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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Опубликовал administrator, 17-02-2013, 18:41

Members of the Circassian Nationalist Movement(CNM) affirm their adherence to the Olympic Movement's charter, appreciate its goals and missions, which are summarized as follow: "The Olympic Charter exalts a philosophy of life that seeks to use sport to communicate positive values of peace and understanding between nations and individuals". Olympism is a philosophy of life exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind.
Опубликовал administrator, 12-02-2013, 11:15

Walter Richmond: The Circassian GenocideCircassia was a small independent nation on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea. For no reason other than ethnic hatred, over the course of hundreds of raids the Russians drove the Circassians from their homeland and deported them to the Ottoman Empire. At least 600,000 people lost their lives to massacre, starvation, and the elements while hundreds of thousands more were forced to leave their homeland.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-02-2013, 21:48

This unprecedented admission proves and declares that Russia has occupied their homeland in 1864, therefore, how can the citizens of occupied territories become citizens of the state which occupied their country. (Circassian Nationalist Movement's statement about recent fallacies of the Russian state regarding the repatriation of Circassians of Syria to their historical homeland Circassia)...
Опубликовал administrator, 9-01-2013, 12:39

Амина аль-Муфти – Черкесское чудо из «Мосада»"Жемчужина израильской разведки" – такой почетный титул заслужила Амина аль-Муфти. Ее вклад в обеспечение безопасности Израиля просто трудно переоценить, поскольку поступавшая от нее информация предотвратила сотни терактов палестинских боевиков. Эта информация позволила скоординировать антитеррористическую деятельность израильских спецслужб.
Опубликовал administrator, 9-12-2012, 18:54

A Daughter has been born to a family of Circassian Repatriates from Syria to AdygeyaAs Circassian civil society was meeting to demand that the government assist in the rescuing of their compatriots from the fires of the civil war in Syria, Circassians who succeeded in returning to the Caucasus have planted roots in their new-old homeland. As it is said, war after wae, but life continues and no one can take away its joys.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-11-2012, 20:40

The Circassian subject enjoys unprecedented interest by those who are interested in the Circassian and Caucasian affairs alike, and seems that an international and regional attention highlights the Circassian Question, its track and its implications, as a result of positive elements which influenced the course of events in the past few years, also as a result of successive developments that have occurred and still taking place to the Caucasian issues in general and the Circassian Question in particular.
Опубликовал administrator, 2-11-2012, 20:02

Circassian villages in Syria under firePro-Assad Shabbiha milita supported by Syrian army tanks and soldiers launched an offensive on two Circassian villages located in south-west of Syria close to the Israeli border. The only two Circassian villages left within the Syrian border after occupation of Golan Heights after 6 days war in 1967, Beer Ajam and Bareqa are hit by Syrian army. As a result of the Syrian army attacks aimed to eliminate the alleged camps of the Free Syrian Army in Quneitra valley...
Опубликовал administrator, 7-08-2012, 01:37
The tragic history and the valuable experience of the Jewish people in the revival of their statehood attract the eyes of the Circassian community of the world. After all, the Circassian nation are the also people in exile, as the Jewish nation were up until creation of The State of Israel. The works of Theodor Herzl the founder of Zionism are reference books for many contemporary Circassian leaders, who consider this outstanding son of the Jewish people as one of their spiritual father.
Опубликовал administrator, 1-08-2012, 21:42

On August 1, 2012, the International Circassian community will celebrate a Day of Solidarity with the Circassians of the Syrian Arab Republic. We, representatives of Circassian social organizations in Russia, seeking to attract the attention of Russian and international public to the plight of the Circassian community in Syria, of all Russian citizens and our compatriots in this country, hereby declare:
Опубликовал administrator, 30-07-2012, 00:23

London protesters decry 'Corporate Olympics'LONDON -- Hours after the opening ceremony fireworks echoed around east London, up to 400 demonstrators marched through a neighborhood near the Olympic Park to protest what they called the "Corporate Olympics." The event, organized by Counter-Olympic Network and supported by 35 groups ranging from Occupy London to ecological and local anti-austerity campaigners...