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"Union of Slavs of Adygeya" organized on December, 18th in Maykop the IV congress of the organization. According to the credentials committee of the congress, instead of the planned 1200 delegates in its work only 100 took part. It is necessary to note that the congress was prepared not only by the Union of Slavs, and also a block of the organizations - Cossack societies, and, the main thing, "Economic union of industrialists and businessmen" of Adygeya. The basic problems mentioned at the congress were sociopolitical position of Russians in Adygeya, (the main theme of reports and majority of speeches), as well as preparation and participation in the elections of deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of republic.

The chairman of the union Nina Konovalova sounded some statistical data: the population of Adygeya for last 6 years has decreased on 5,4 thousand people. The gain of Adygs thus was nearby 2 thousand people. The loss of Slavic people made 27 thousand people. The difference was filled with other people: in the report it was mentioned figure on Armenians - 1,5 thousand, the other peoples were just listed - Kurds, Chechens, Azerbaijanians.

According to Konovalova, all the troubles of Slavs in Adygeya were caused Adygs: they grasped management structures and consequently lived better. The way out from the situation the chairman of the organization saw in rallying Slavs, in their victory in the elections to the State Soviet-Khase, in adoption of the law on referendum and integration into the structure of Krasnodar territory.

She did not say in the report that the basic figure, which was the main proof of «the charge», is natural. Adygeya is a region of pensioners where during all the Soviet period of time, and still now, those who, having earned some capital in the north parts of the USSR, wished to live in the south. Now in Adygeya pensioners make more than a quarter of the whole population. Therefore such the death rate among Russians - on the average nearby 5 thousand people a year - is so high. Therefore the birth rate - nearby 3 thousand people - is rather low also. And these figures, no matter how many times they may be repeated, it is practically impossible to correct. But they, nevertheless, repeat them during last 15 years.

The executive director of "Economic union of industrialists and businessmen" Vladimir Petrov's supporting report was the same populist. And the problem still is not that criticizing, for example, the program of economic and social development of Adygeya for 2004-2008, he had shown his incompetence. The point is the other: the economic union includes 50 businessmen among whom there are big ones. But the cumulative deductions of their enterprises in the budget of Adygeya are much lesser than, for example, the tax of one of the enterprises, which actives remained in the republic. That could be explained with that they transferred the actives in Krasnodar territory to show that the republic was economically insolvent.

Vladimir Sahno, the ataman of "Orthodox Cossack brotherhood" told about the reasons of obstacle of construction of the monument devoted to Nikolay Miracle-maker in Maykop. Neither in the park of the Victory, nor at the new place - at the military garrison. He said, in particular, that the monument was already delivered to the town and its sanctifying should take place on December, 14th. However, for unknown to the ataman reasons installation of the monument was postponed. As he said, archbishop of Maykop and Adygeya Panteleimon had met before it with the president of Adygeya Khazret Sovmen but what were the results of their meeting, Sahno did not know. He offered after the elections to the State Soviet-Khase to organize religious processions to the House of government of Adygeya to get authorization for opening of the monument.

It is necessary to tell about one more speech. Jury Kanatov, the head of the branch of the Union of Slavs of Adygeya in Giaginsky district and the acting chairman of Adygeya republican branch of the National majestic party of Russia called Russians to use more actively lawful ways to get arm weapons. That, in his opinion, was necessary for protection of the national interests of Russians both in Russia, and abroad. In particular, Kanatov told that groups sent to Belarus for support "father Lukashenko" in his struggle against "orange revolution" were already formed.

In the resolution passed at the congress, they told, in particular:

" 1. To address to the president of Russia with the offer to consider the problem of integration of Adygeya with Krasnodar territory for it is the only opportunity we see to be full citizens of our country.

For this purpose the Union of Slavs initiated petition under the reference to the president of Russian Federation.

2. To address to the local authorities, and first of all to the president Khazret Sovmen with requirement for organizing dialogue with all public organizations representing interests of Slavic community.

3. "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" will take part in the elections of deputies of State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya on March, 12th, 2006 in the union with Cossacks, "Economic union of industrialists and businessmen" and other Russian national organizations, as well as with those organizations which activities do not contradict interests of the Russian people.

4. We call all citizens to take part in the elections and to support association of those candidates who will incur the duty to pass the law on referendum in Adygeya and to lead such referendum on integration with Krasnodar territory".


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