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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру

At the meeting of the control and monetary bodies of Russian Federation in Rostov-on-Don the auditor of the Monetary chamber of Russia Alexander Piskunov told that Kabardino-Balkaria, Northern Ossetia and Karachaevo-Circassia have a very big problem of their promissory notes. At comparison of the SFD’s regions on rates of TRP growth (total regional product), as well as parity of charges of the budgetary system the most negative characteristics are in Ingushetia, Kalmykia, Adygeya, Chechen republic. He also mentioned that practically all the republics of Northern Caucasus in the long term will remain highly donated.

The possible output from the situation, considered A. Piskunov, is the regions' integration by means of which charges should be redistributed from the state management in the real sector of economy or the social sphere. The statement was published by IА REGNUM on September, 13th, and, certainly, needed answers of Adygeya republican high-ranking officials. Any way their usual unwillingness to talk about such themes is rather understood. However, as we have checked up, they had appeared to be not ready this time too. On this occasion the agency “AdygeaNatPress" has suggested expressing the opinion in the occasion to the head of the economic group of republican social movement "Circassian congress" Ali Avgana.

“Actually, - the head of the group noted, - Piskunov’s statement lays the blame not on the national republics but on the federal center. In the list he sounded there are all republics of Northern Caucasus, including Dagestan, not named among perspective regions. Among them, it is easy to guess - Rostovskaya, Volgogradskaya, Astrakhanskaya areas, Krasnodarsky and Stavropolsky territories. In other words, this statement is a recognition of that the federal center in the south of Russia does not solve national problems. Though it can be done through economy. In general in the West which Russia aspires to reach, such division of regions is qualified as a kind of racism.

Besides Piskunov’s offer - integration of the regions - testifies that the Kremlin does not intend to go on the way of solving these problems. It is not necessary to be an extra-expert to tell: everything that can be achieved due to such integration is to hide statistics, for example, of Adygeya behind accounting figures of Krasnodar territory as it is going on now in the regional center - Krasnodar in relation to the rest areas of the territory. As to incomes redistribution from the state management in the real economic sector or in the social sphere, I think, to carry out such actions at the present level of corruption is simply impossible. The auditor of the Monetary chamber of Russian Federation should know about it first.

Russia, not in any reproach to its peoples it would be told, itself is a highly donated country. Despite of its oil and gas, despite of favourable economic system of the world market, Russian Federation is among chronic debtors. It might be asked, where the basic stream of the national money leaves? The answer is clear: money, passing by everything, "is being reinvested" into corruption. Corruption in Russia, according to the independent experts (in comparison with the corruption boom of 90s its level has increased in 4 times), has reached the unprecedented sizes for all times.

In these conditions the federal center has as a criterion of solvency of this or that nation only existence of oil, gas, gold, diamonds, etc in the territory of the republic or any other federative subject. Human potential is at “zero” level or some figure close to that. Nevertheless in this respect Northern Caucasus is in some special list: for example, in Chechen Republic there is oil, and only therefore the most desperate position is there. To human resource of the republic they attached a strictly negative significance.

The economy of Adygeya, as known, was formed during Soviet times with residual principle. Therefore this republic is exclusively an agrarian one. But what it could be tell about the soils of Adygeya today? Territories of Tahtamukaysky, Teuchezhsky areas and Adygheysk town fell out from the agricultural cycle for a long time ago. On those territories it is cultivated lesser than a half of the arable lands and harvest on the cultivated areas is lesser than a half of possible one. The matter is bogging of these territories as a result of flooding by the Krasnodar water basin. Territories of Krasnogvardeysky and Shovgenovsky areas are partially flooded by the water basin. Thus, crops in former volumes if there is no high water made by the water basin, is possible to harvest only in Koshehablsky and Giaginsky areas. Maykopsky area and Maykop town are not counted as their territories are foot-hilled and mounted where agricultural productivity was always low.

It is clear that when a talk comes about damage, caused by the water basin, we should tell about indemnification too. Really, Adygeya from time to time demands it from Moscow. And the republic is offered to receive, certainly, a scanty part of the real sum. This year (as in general for the last 3 years), for example, in this clause only Adygheysk was put – corresponding acts for 500 million rubles were signed. The sum is rather big but, nevertheless, underestimated in relation to the necessary one: annually only this municipality needs the sum approximately 6 times bigger. But the matter is that this money (500 million rubles) is not received too. At one of the meetings with the town citizens this summer the president of the republic Khazret Sovmen apologized in this occasion. He said that he would not “beat the money out» for Adygeya because they required a “cash-recoil”.

As to previous "indemnifications" of “before-Sovmen’s” times one of them - for Krasnogvardeysky area - became an object of attention of corresponding control body. There are lots of such bodies and that one, probably, had appeared “to be deprived”. "Money recoil" is a serious thing. If in the case with the present president, it was a question, let’s say, of 10 thousand, he, most likely, would take them from his own pocket. A real "cash-recoil" they have to “hide" - behind drawn figures in papers - a long time. So "cash-recoil" is practically impossible to prove, as to find out the drawn figures is rather simply. A local official is who should "draw figures", being under a steadfast looks of the federal bodies, and he certainly tries to satisfy his own greed too. Therefore to destination practically nothing is spent, as it was shown in Krasnogvardeysky case.

Finally, only “the switchman” had suffered - an enterprise, through which they had been passed money, was bankrupted. The head of the area lost his post but soon headed one of the federal organs. Republican leadership, apparently, were not after all involved in the investigation process. Moscow officials were out of the question at all. In other words, a rate on the agriculture as on the basic branch of Adygeya economy might be done but it is the extremely difficult.

It is easy to guess that we should not assign special hopes on the industrial enterprises. Best enterprises among the poor ones Adygeya has are bought up by Moscow and Petersburg businessmen. Without actives of these enterprises the republic still has taxes to wages and other similar trifles. Here it is possible to cite as an example enterprise "Kartontara" which until recently held actives into the republic and made 10-th part of the republican budget. Now it is advanced by the economically weakest organizations. How many does Adygeya need to build such giants, by the way, not very ecologically pure, to survive - hundred, two hundred? Average and even small business too, probably, are not intentionally withdrawn by Krasnodar territory. Businessmen who on the contrary to everything, opposes to leaving, come in dependence on the local corruption. Here we see again a vicious circle.

They considered and still do now that the rise of the republican economy should be connected with construction of "Maykop-Dagomys" road. In case of its construction and exploitation there would be possible generally a rather primitive form of economy - "sale and purchase" on the automobile line to the sea. However this project is stopped in the Moscow cabinets like others. Though, from his part, Adygeya president assured the federal center that a half of means necessary for the road construction, he is ready to give from his own capital. But what will you do if Moscow does not accept such "cash-recoils"?

The only thing what Adygeya can be proud and on what it should do its rate is a human resource. It and that is not an exaggeration, is at the level of the world standards and proves it daily. But we can see the human resource only in those spheres which depends a little or absolutely not on the state (read: corruption). It is sports: pupils of the trainer on sambo-wrestling Aramby Hapay - repeated world champions, marksman Sergey Alifirenko - the repeated winner of the world superiorities, handball girl-players of “Adygeya state university team” - participants of international competitions. That is art: ensembles "Islamey" and "Nalmes" which show their numbers on the best world stages, masters of decoration arts Asya Eutyh and Ruslan Turkav, Zamuddin Guchev and Jury Stash whose works are exposed in the best collections. Such list is easily possible to fill up, including due to other spheres - science, literature. There are such people, without a doubt, in economy too.

Adygeya, as well as the listed above republic of Northern Caucasus, only waits when it will be left alone, when it will be stopped any sort of integration and “unintergration” when, at last, and the republic will enable to work normally. But for this purpose it is necessary to wake up Kremlin - oil is not everything a man needs".

Written by Aslan Shazzo

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