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On September, 23rd in Moscow Dmitry Kozak's statement about necessity of forming time financial administrations in the subjects of Russian Federation, which for 80-percent donated from the federal center was sounded. The statement got a great resonance among the public as week earlier a parallel statement was made in Rostov-on-Don city by the auditor of the Monetary chamber Alexander Piskunov. But the question is what position to this idea the republics’ authorities have. “AdygeaNatPress” Agency gives the readers an extracts made on IА REGNUM materials.

Kabardino-Balkaria can appear among the federative subjects where a time financial administration would be established. As IА REGNUM correspondent informed, donations of Kabardino-Balkarian republican budget in 2005 had grown from 71,9 up to 80,6 percent. Debit debts in all branches of republican economy in 2004 made 6,8 billion rubles, creditor - 14,2 million rubles, losses made 581 million rubles. As not fully donated there were such branches, as agriculture (83), transport (63), housing and communal services (99), social sphere (93), science (77), culture (85), public health services (84), judicial authority (70), law-enforcement activity (97). The Public debt of Kabardino-Balkaria, in the view of the passing debts, made 1 billion 551 million ruble.

For January, 1st, 2006 the expected size of the public debt will have exceeded the own incomes of the republican budget of Kabardino-Balkaria 1,5 times that will allow the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation suspending republican financing due to the federal budgetary means. In 2006 the total sum of payments only on the basic debt of already concluded credit agreements and contracts will make 300 million rubles. In 2005 the sum of repayment of the basic debt will make 1 billion rubles. In the view of the developed level of receipts of own incomes (63,8) the republican budget is not able to carry out timely payments under its obligations.

At IА REGNUM request his estimation of the initiative of the plenipotentiary in the Southern federal district about purpose of time financial administrations in highly donated regions was stated by Vladimir Sohov - the vice-president of the Committee on economic policy of Kabardino-Balkarian parliament. "What Dmitry Kozak offers - establishing of time financial administration in highly donated regions - is quite possible in Kabardino-Balkaria and even necessary, - he declared. - Not because we have some serious infringements with federal transfers. Simply these questions need to be ordered and more precisely supervised. These offers were discussed for a long time when I was a deputy of the State Duma. This principle was incorporated in the Budgetary code where it is spoken that the Exchequer is obliged to order questions of grants’ reception but they really done a little. So I do not see for the republic anything terrible in this offer".

Without finance presidents will turn to nominal officials, the leader of "Karachi congress", deputy of Karachaevo-Circassia parliament Islam Krymshamhalov considers; in particular, he declared: "After that in nobody will not want to become presidents! President of federal subject with loss of his control over the finance automatically loses any authority and turns to a nominal figure. In Caucasus a president without money is surely a nominal figure. So the region completely loses its independence".

Member of the organizing committee created in September in Cherkessk town of the organizations Public Council of people of Northern Caucasus Fatima Dyshekova told IA REGNUM correspondent about her support of Dmitry Kozak’s initiative. "This measure, - she said, - provides an opportunity of discharge of regional in case of no-purpose expenditure of the federal budgetary means or infringement of the Constitution and other statutory acts. For today regions are simply compelled to move money from one program to another that does not allow spending the state money effectively. The reform offered by Dmitry Kozak will really help to raise Caucasian regions at higher level of economic development”.

Adygeya do not belong to the list of highly donated regions since the last year. That was informed to IA REGNUM correspondent by the chief of Adygeya president administration Taly Beretar. Now, he said, the federal donations make about 40 percent of Adygeya budget. The task stated by Khazret Sovmen - to make Adygeya a fully self-supplied republic – is being solved year after year - with a growing dynamic.

As emphasized T. Beretar, there are no bases to say that the republic is threatened with a time financial administration from the federal center. By the Budgetary code such form of federal management may be used only for several reasons: some large natural or technogenic cataclysms, "actions or inactivity of the government bodies of the subjects”, delayed debts of the subject on payments of debt or budgetary obligations" which on 30 percent exceed the subject incomes in the subsequent accounting year. In this case the Government of Russian Federation can address with a petition in the Supreme arbitration court of Russian Federation about establishing of a time financial administration. Terms of its powers are from one year. Anyway there are no in Adygeya any bases for such process of events. The corresponding parameter in the republic makes approximately 10-12 percent.


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