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The public of Adygeya will begin petition on resignation of Maykop mayor Nikolay Pivovarov and the deputy case of the town.

That was declared to Caucasus Times correspondent by the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic, the leader of the public association "For justice" Aslan Bezrukov. As he said, for the impeachment they had to collect signatures of 5 percent of voters - about 10 thousand. Then the documents should be sent in the municipal electoral committee on which means interrogation would be organized. Under results of such interrogation the mayor’s command might be resigned.

For starting the procedure, Bezrukov said, they need to hold an assembly. In that occasion by now they have carried out negotiations with the left political forces - communists and workers, as well as other organizations. Arrangements with them, according to the deputy, are reached not only in relation to the impeachment, but also to continuation of the protest actions. "We just need to wait, - the deputy noted, - when the frosts are over".

Note: the reason for Maykop citizens’ discontent was increase of tariffs for housing and communal services that made in 2005 in Adygeya capital almost 50 percent. That was illegal, considered the public of the town on behalf of the Council of Maykop workers and some other organizations, among which there were communists of republic. However, increase of the tariffs has been planned for this year, too: now it will make more than 20 percent, that, according to the leader of the Communist Party of Russian Federation across Adygeya Grigory Senin, had caused even greater indignation of people. Therefore, despite of the pre-election campaign for elections to the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic, in which the Communist Party of Russian Federation across Adygeya participates, the party intended to get engaged in the tariffs for housing and communal services, told Senin to Caucasus Times correspondent.

Note: the last year's increase of the tariffs for housing and communal services was challenged in court (where trial lasted all year long) and was protested at demonstrations and pickets. The most mass protest actions passed in Maykop right before the New Year's holidays. Requirements at them already were basically political - resignation of mayor Nikolay Pivovarov, dissolution of the Council of People's Deputies of Maykop.

Under the verdict of the Maykop court and the petition of the Adygeya Cabinet within three weeks of November in Maykop an auditor firm from Ivanovo town who had examined the tariffs for housing and communal services was working. By results of that check the litigation should take place in the beginning of 20s of December. However, having arrived to Maykop on December 19th, the firm’s representative did not hand over the documents in court. Therefore the litigation was postponed till December 28th. By that term the examination was not delivered to court.

"Court did not received the documents till now, - told Senin to Caucasus Times correspondent. - Probably, they became an exchange coin in some next secret game. Now we’re preparing for inquiries in this occasion for corresponding instances".

According to deputy Bezrukov, documents were delivered in Adygeya all the same. "According to that examination, - he noted, - only for water providing the payers’ sum withdrawn illegally, made 32 million rubles". He also said that, probably the republican parliament would see the results of the Ivanovo examination at the nearest session that roughly would pass on January 26-28th.

Caucasus Times

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