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In the past days off pilgrims returned from Mecca to California. Famous among many Adygs in the USA, one of the first immigrants to California Zuher Malguesh with his wife Muna had gone to way in the end of December 2005 and spent 3 weeks on the sacred for all Moslems land, in the country of the scorching sun and sand - Saudi Arabia.

In the conversation with the WCB president – Zamir Shuhov, Zuher Malguesh told about interesting details of his own experience of executing of one of the main Islamic ceremonies - hajj that had been not the first one for him, and, as he said, - not the last one in his life.

The story began with that the group of Adygs tripped from the New-York airport with direct flight up to the capital of Jordan Amman where according to the ceremony they changed clothes on absolutely white ones («ikhram»), and went for the connecting flight in Jeddah city (Saudi Arabia). The rulers of this country understand quite well the responsibility they bear for preservation of cleanliness of the sacred places and safety of all the pilgrims.

At the airport Adygs were waited by bus that drove them for direct flight to Mecca where the number of pilgrims already totaled from 1,5 up to 2 million. After short rest, Zuher with the wife entered the territory of the Grand mosque and bypassed 7 times around Kaaba (the black building of cubic form in the middle of the mosque). That ritual is called «tawaf». Then they walked to the avenue of the Great mosque and passed it 7 times, in the memory of how Hajar, the spouse of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) had been looking for water.

Several days later they went to Mina, for execution of Hajj, which has some stages. In Arafat Mountain valley pilgrims made prays and walked to Muzdalifa city where they collected stones that they would need the next day in the evening.

In the morning, having returned to Mina, pilgrims approached to Jamarat columns, a symbol of the devil where the Satan tested the prophet Ibrahim. According to Islam, everyone should throw seven stones in the columns situated in three different places.

Then the day Id’ ul-Adha (Kurman Bayram) came and the sacrifice ceremony passed.

The number of pilgrims by that time totaled about 2,5 million people, and Zuher with Muna in this mass of believers had to return to the Grand mosque, and to make 7 circles around Kaaba, then to pass 7 times between Al-Safa and Marua (avenue of the Grand mosque) asking the Supreme forgiveness of their sins and protection.

In special premises men in their majority shaved their heads, and women cut off a lock of hair as a token of execution of Hajj.

After their returning home, Zuher and his spouse Muna found out that they were waited for by their three adult children who helped them to organize reception for Adygs-pilgrims and always take an active part in activities of Adyghe Khase and Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood in the territory of the USA.

A plenty of the suffered from throngs, fires, exhaustion from sunstrokes appeared to be single negative moment mentioned in the conversation. The conversation proceeded on the theme of the correct Islamic educating of the young generation.

Zuher as a person who is studying Islam since his birth and who has some experience in work with youth, offered his help, in case of renewal of lessons of «Adyghe Khabze» and the national dances with children that Zamir had been engaged earlier. In his opinion, at classes they might combine harmoniously religious educating of children and studying of the national customs.

As an Adyg, not indifferent to the events on his historical native land, Zuher was glad to hear about innovations of KBR government concerned correct religious education at schools that should help youth to not get off from the true way and to be worthy representatives of the people.

PO «Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood»
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