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The expanded coordination meeting of the law enforcement bodies on results of the teamwork in 2005 and tasks for the current year passed in Maykop on February 21st. Heads of all the branches of authority among the federal and republican supervising structures as well as representatives of public and religious organizations took part in it.

At the meeting the report of the public prosecutor of republic Michael Prihlenko was central. The problem for Adygeya among the sounded by the public prosecutor was counteraction to extremism and terrorism.

"I shall say frankly, - noted Prihlenko, - that owing to the harmonious teamwork of the Office of Public Prosecutor, FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs it was possible to prevent succession of events by the variant tried by the extremists in Nalchik town".

As acknowledgement in it he named the fact of institution of criminal proceeding against a representative of Chechen Republic in Adygeya Kazbek Isaev now detained. He also named in that number displacement of the imam of Adygeysk town mosque Nadjmuddin Abaza which now is in Maykop.

Note: about displacement from the imam post of the town mosque in the past summer some news agencies informed, in particular, IА REGNUM according to which version the fact was a reciprocal course of new elected head of the town Kim Mamiek because of that during the elections past a little bit earlier, the community of Moslems supported the other nominee on the mayor post.

It is necessary to tell about what the public prosecutor of republic had held back: on October 22nd, 2005 near the Maykop cathedral mosque employees of the local department on struggle against organized crime (DSOC) had detained a group of young men among which there was the imam of that mosque and his subordinate.

Young men were thrashed in militia station at night, as they wanted their confessions in participation in extremist activities. They are released under the verdict of the court.

Such reminder on that incident is pertinent in connection with that many analysts consider the reason of the storm of the buildings of the law-enforcement structures in Nalchik such regular "mistakes" of authorities as resulted above - removal of imam Adygeysk town and beating of the Maykop imam, his subordinate and friends.

Further the public prosecutor of Adygeya told that all the attempts of using the ethnic question in the present pre-election campaign would be rigidly stopped. In that connection it is necessary to remind that some public organizations of Adygeya had sent on January 16th a letter addressed to the republican public prosecutor with their requirement "to arrange law-enforcement influence" in relation to the regional branch of "Incorporated industrial party of Russia" which acts in the elections with frankly nationalist slogans.

However the organizations have not received any reply so far, though according to the law reply should be given not later, than in a month after receipt of the letter.

The head of the Office of Public Prosecutor of republic separately stopped on the problem of bribery and corruption. In particular, he had criticized work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Department on struggle against organized crime. The public prosecutor's check led recently, as he said, had revealed mass infringements of the law by inspectors of the State narco-control.

At the meeting heads of other law enforcement bodies also spoke. From among the public men the right for word was used by member of the Public chamber of Russian Federation Iskhak Mashbash and the chairman of the Council of elders by Adygeya president Aslanbech Lovpache.

Caucasus Times
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