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At the press conference organized by the Central Election Committee of Adygeya on March 13th the results of the elections into the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya on one-mandatory districts were promulgated. On March 17th the Central Election Committee published results of the elections on uniform constituency, i.e. under the party lists.

By the results of the elections, having overcome the 7 percent boundary, four parties had got into the republican parliament:

"United Russia" - almost 34 percent, the Communist Party of Russian Federation - nearby 15 percent, "Industrial party" (RIIP) - hardly more than 13 percent and the Agrarian party - almost 11percent. According to their percent "United Russia" had won 12 mandates, the Communist Party of Russian Federation - 6 mandates, RIIP - 5 mandates, the Agrarian party - 4 mandates. "Party" Against all” was about to get the right to reception of several mandates - in that column of the bulletin there were 6,6 percent of voices that makes about 10 thousand voters.

Note: in the beginning of the election campaign then deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya, the head of the republican printing house, owner of several objects of business, in particular, series of advertising newspapers Aslan Bezrukov had called to prefer that of the bulletin. However, for the sake of objectivity, it is necessary to note that then he distributed only that lump sum printed appeal and refused to stand for parliament but did not organize any campaign.

Certainly, the main feature of the elections is that they had passed in an atmosphere of RIIP. However the point is not that nowadays "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" which members make the ideological majority of the branch of that party, told something new.

The leader of "Union of Slavs" Nina Konovalova in her appeal to the fellow tribesmen - inhabitants of Adygeya - sounded a high mortality percentage among the Russians and specified: "Adygeyan authority does not see this problem, though it has created such conditions for Slavs". "Adygs teach us, supervise us, treat us, judge and bury us, - she declared more frankly declares further. - If they did all that well, probably we would not have such sad death rate statistics".

But the high mortality percentage among the Russians in Adygeya speaks that fact that pensioners from all Russia settle in it under several federal and republican programs. Therefore such view at the statistics can be explained with only aspiration to prove that Adygs is a people-criminal, which should be deprived, at least, to its statehood. As to such statements they had been spoken all the last 15 years long.

New thing might be noticed only in that now the republican legislation of Adygeya, besides from submission of the deputies from "Union of Slavs" of the former convocations, is resulted in the condition when they could easily make their words come true. On their way there was only one handicap - that Adygeyan public on behalf of, for example, Circassian congress protests against adoption of the law on referendum in which there would not be guarantees of preservation of the status and the borders of Adygeya.

Circassian congress did not put forward any deputy, did not become a member of any party, and even did not state its support to any party. According to its leaders, they hadn’t such actions in the plans of the organization. It’s clearly expressed position in relation to the elections could be seen only during the moment of creation of the association "Elections-2006" when the public organization in the union with “Adyghe Khase” made a decision to counteract RIIP in the elections into the republican parliament. In that connection the congress cooperated with the Agrarian party of Russia and the party of social protection, which, by the way, had hostile relations.

It is necessary to note that "Union of Slavs", having passed in the parliament in a great number of its supporters, had lost a little in its quality. The point is not that this time Nina Konovalova’s nearest associate - Vladimir Karatayev (the editor of "Zakubanie" - printed newspaper edition of "Union of Slavs") will not be a deputy. She won the elections owing to only 1576 voices, whereas during the previous elections into the State Soviet-Khase she had immeasurably more voices.

For today they promulgated the one-mandatory and the party lists. If to speak about their national structure, from 27 men, who won on one-mandatory districts, 12 people are Adygs. That is a rather high parameter in the view of the long-term "national" policy of "Union of Slavs", and also in the republic there are only 24 percent. Under the party lists of RIIP had not given no Adyg that is natural; United Russia had 8 deputies, the Communist Party of Russian Federation – 3 deputies; agrarians – 3 deputies.

However those lists can be changed: the matter is that 3 persons from the lists occupy official posts. Those people should decide in the five-day term if they would be - deputies or would remain officials. The question here, probably, can be about Mamiek - mayor of Adygeysk, Hadjibiekov - the head of the pension fund, and Mugu - the head of Teuchezhsky district administration. If it is so it will be assumed that Hadjibiekov and Mugu will choose deputy mandates, as to Mamiek - he, really, should think hard before to make his choice.

It speaks that Hadjibiekov is designated by "United Russia" on the place of the speaker of the parliament. Adygeya president most likely wishes to see him on that place, too. Mugu is a production worker who would like for a long time to return to his enterprise which business after his leaving strongly reeled. He needs deputy mandate because he was strongly disappointed with work of the previous parliament.

As to Mamiek he had poured out a lot of dirt on the operating president. He became the mayor contrary to the president’s desire. If to consider that he had many financial affairs for which he could be punished it would be better for him to take advantage of deputy security. If he is sure of his impunity and wishes to continue his financial business he must remain mayor. But then he has to not forget that the president has real tools for his discharge from the mayor’s post.

Here is how they voted for "Industrial party" in the districts with compact residing of Adygs. In Adygeysk - 0,8 percent, in Tahtamukaysky district - 7,6 percent, in Koshekhablsky district - 4,6 percent, Krasnogvardeysky district - 7,5 percent, in Shovgenovsky district - 2,7 percent, in Teuchezhsky district - 0,2 percent. Taking these figures, it is necessary to consider that in these districts many Russians live - from 20 up to 60 percent. But the idea of association with Krasnodar territory Russians of these districts do not share, probably with feeling of their solidarity to local Adygs.

There is a great percent of supporters of the industrialists’ party in Maykop. However it is caused, obviously not by authority of the party’s leaders, and some charming effect of the word "industry" for the townspeople in conditions when it functions only partially. And that is quite the same to vote “Against all”.

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