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Aslan Bezrukov, businessman and public man known in Adygeya, is still kept in custody. Only his lawyer can meet him; his wife Saida did not see the husband since the moment of his detention, «Caucasian unit» correspondent informed. According to the wife of the arrested, he had been charged in connection with taking under arrest; the basic charge is not finished yet by the investigators.

"The Office of Public Prosecutor of Maykop, - she said, - gives reason for their refusal in appointments with that while the investigation is on, information leakage can be possible. But what information when the issue, in general, is quite clear?" S. Bezrukova noted that since the moment of her husband’s detention - April 17th – he started a dry hunger-strike, which lasts 15 days.

Now he has successfully left starvation and, according to his lawyer, feels normally, having vigorous and fighting moods. He is convinced of his correctness, and does not doubt that sooner or later he will prove it.

According to the town public prosecutor Vasily Semenov who had an interview on Maykop town TV on April 26th, such severe preventive punishment is applied to Bezrukov for two reasons. The first of them is suppression of any attempts to interfere with the course of investigation that had taken place and were fixed. Those are concealments of documents, calls to his partners to ask them to get prepared for searches, etc.

The second and the basic reason is presence of threats of the accused Bezrukov against some participants of the criminal legal proceedings. The public prosecutor sounded "some materials of the criminal case which for today are not a investigatory secret for the reason that they were sounded to the defender and the accused himself".

Appearance of those materials Semenov explained with that under the court decision Bezrukov's telephone and other negotiations were bugged. According to that, in the study of the general director of the Open Society "Afisha" there was a dialogue between the owner of the cabinet and the chairman of the Adygeya public organization "Circassian-Libyan society "Friendship" Askerby Kardanov in which the owner of the cabinet accused the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the republic Andrey Fatin of extortion.

That, under the version of the investigation, Kardanov answered: "If I were you, I would kill all these Jews for a long time ago". In reply the owner of the cabinet offered his interlocutor: "Come on, find me those, who could do that with pleasure. If one or two were dead, the others would calm down at once. Ask there and find out the matter. I’m speaking seriously".

At that press conference the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the republic Andrey Fatin who in the sounded dialogue was given the role of the extortioner, spoke, too. The senior assistant spoke much and emotionally, named the issue “a simple criminal act", Bezrukov -"a criminal"; as for any extortion he considered to mention it unnecessary.

Saida Bezrukova explained in that connection to "Caucasian unit" correspondent that before the detention of her husband on April 17th their house had been searched. In the searching eight operatives were engaged, but they did not find anything: " neither plans of the attempt, nor prepared suitcase with money, especially any guns". As to the conversation, S. Bezrukova considered that if such conversation took place, it was initiated by Kardanov.

He tried, basically in some emotional way, to release Bezrukov from his stress, connected with pressure upon him from the Office of Public Prosecutor. "And now, - she noted, - Kardanov comes to our place, we talk to him".

Note: Bezrukov's basic charge is an attempt of swindle. During check, under the version of the investigation, some transaction was revealed. It was concluded by the general director of the Open Society "Afisha" with a private commercial enterprise. Thus that transaction was concluded on conditions in advance unprofitable for the state enterprise, and, in the opinion of the Office of Public Prosecutor, with the purpose of plunder of property of the state enterprise in especially large sums: 3,5 million rubles.

However there is also another explanation of the events. Aslan Bezrukov, being a deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya, supported in 2005 the requirement of the social movement "Council of Maykop workers" and the republican branch of the Communist Party of Russian Federation concerned reduction of the tariffs of housing and communal services in accordance with the federal standards.

Proceeding and the protest actions connected with that passed in Maykop during the whole last year. Two mass pickets took place in December, 2005 in the town, one of the co-organizers of which was the public association “For justice", headed by Bezrukov.

Checks in Bezrukov's enterprises were begun since May of the last year when he publicly declared his support of the protesting people. They became more active in the last December. The businessman was arrested right after the end of his deputy term. The court on revision of tariffs of housing and communal services is won; the decision on reduction of those tariffs in conformity with the federal standards had been announced on March 21st.

According to the verdict it is considered proved that the sum of 37,7 million rubles had been spent by the town administration in illegal way; as a whole during recalculation the sum can increase up to 180 million rubles. Therefore the town authorities do not hurry up with such recalculation. On the other hand, they organize "a counterattack", having detained Bezrukov.

Caucasian unit
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