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Four men in a rank not below the captain of militia in the afternoon on May 13th during a long time «were watching» the owner of one of the houses in the private sector of Maykop – Khazrail Hanahok, chairman of the social movement of Adygeya «Union of veterans of Abkhazia» recently founded. Khazrail Hanahok informed IА REGNUM correspondent about that.

His family was at home at that moment, but at that time nobody knocked on the door. The dog did not bark, there were no also phone calls.

According to a man who lives in some houses down the street, people in the militian uniform had addressed to him and, naming Hanahok ‘Khazret’ (so he is named by many friends of him) and have taken an interest, whether he saw his neighbour recently. The man answered that the person, in whom they were interested, worked in Moscow, and he saw him in Maykop one month ago.

According to the neighbour, Hanahok went out in the street in 5 minutes after people in the form had driven off. The man was very much surprised that they for a long time were on duty at two corners of the street, but they did not approached to the house.

"Four persons, - noted Hanahok in the conversation with IА REGNUM correspondent, - stood on the certain scheme, is a capture group, more often - gangster. What such attention to me of employees of the law enforcement bodies is connected with, I just can assume. On the other hand, judging to the questions they asked my neighbours, and that they did not know my name written in my passport, I can definitely tell that they were not local employees".

Similar behaviour of people in the uniform several years ago ended with Hanahok’s beating with automatic and pistol butts at the windows of the FSB building in the town centre of Adygeysk. The incident happened in the daylight. When he lost consciousness, they took in his own car and tried to transport somewhere.

Abduction was broken because, having come in himself, he threw out from the car on the pavement and got lost in the town. The attackers, behind of which during that moment a car stopped, not having dared to pursue him, disappeared.

"Two militiamen participated from Krasnodar in that attack, - told Hanahok, - and three persons as I consider were criminal authorities. I was very surprised with their impudence as in addition to all during their attack in the car the major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was sitting with me ".

As a result of the beating Hanahok got seams on his head, He received a break of stomach. The damaged backbone caused complication; the beaten spent eight months being immovable.

After the treatment he in writing form with surnames presented a material in the Maykop Office of Public Prosecutor for corresponding investigation. He was personally received by the public prosecutor of the town Vasily Semenov, but he got no reply. Khazrail Hanahok is convinced that he was not forgotten when the loud murders of the three criminal authorities participated in the attack against him were investigated.

In those cases they tried to involve him as a figurant, but during the five years' litigation where he was a witness, it was found out that he had nothing to do to that case.

The last events as Hanahok assumed, may be connected with the political activities in the republic. In particular, with his participation in the preparation of the congress of Adygeyan people, his public support of president Khazret Sovmen in carrying out into the republic the anticorruption administrative reform and his position in preservation of the status of Republic of Adygeya, and also with creation of "Union of veterans of Abkhazia".

"All these actions, - he said, - as it seemed, are versatile, go against the present policies of the SFD in Republic of Adygeya".

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