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Dear delegates and our guests!

Our congress is gathered in very important occasion: now with all acuteness there is the problem of preservation of the status of Republic of Adygeya as an independent subject of Russian Federation. As we know, during preparation for the elections of the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya some candidates put forward as their pre-election slogan the slogan about Adygeya’s integration in the structure of Krasnodar territory. At the moment they also are carrying out petition under the reference to the President of Russian Federation about connection of Adygeya to the territory.

All that measures cause anxiety and indignation among us, destabilize the political situation in the republic. I’d like to remind that Adygs are the most ancient indigenous people of the Northwest Caucasus, which during the millenia lived on the o territory with its own language, history and culture. Adygs long since aspired to create their statehood, acted as one of the independent political force in Caucasus, which had influence not only among neighbouring, but remote peoples.

It is known that Adygs’ ancestors - Sinds, one of the Meotian tribes in the V century B.C. minted their coin and created a slaveholding state, one of the most ancient in the territory of our country. Some time later Sindica lost its independence. In the IV century A.D. serious damage to the political and ethnic development of the state was caused by Hunnish invasion. At the same time the tendency to the ethnic consolidation did not disappear completely.

With creation of the Kasogian Union in the IX century the process of becoming of the united ancient Adygeyan people (differed with common territory, language, culture, ethnic consciousness, feudal type of social relations) completed. Though among the Adygs there was no united centralized state, they had serious attributes of the statehood. Adygs had certain type of the political organization which base institutes were ‘Adyghe khabzae’ (all-Adygeyan morally-legal code), Khase (legislative assembly) and the courts. During the Caucasian war development of Adygs’ statehood proceeded.

In 1834 Abadzehs, Shapsugs, Natuhais and Ubyhs concluded a military and political union. Conditions of the union provided association of the armed forces of the mountaineers, prevention of communications with the imperial administration and interdiction of conducting any separate negotiations with the imperial staff. The symbol of Adygeyan unity was the national flag adopted in the 30s of the XIX century. It was designed on the green field with 12 stars and three crossed arrows. Now that is the national flag of Republic of Adygeya. Chiefs of the Adygeyan union in 1835 adopted "the Declaration of independence of Circassia".

During that period the project of creation of united political organization in the Western Circassia was proposed. That project provided transformation of the national assemblies into constantly operating organs, forming of the regular armed forces, foundation of the precise system of administrative-territorial management. The project started to be realized in the end of the 40s of the XIX century.

Bright sign of development of the statehood was passing in 1841 at the assembly of representatives of "democratic" sub-ethnic groups on Psheha river the allied agreement - Defter. That document founded into society united religious and civil rules, principles of observance of the common policy concerning Russia.

Visible political and military leaders of Adygs were Sefer-bey Zanoko, Shamud Shupako Tugujuko Kizbich, Zekkeriy Hatko and others.

Since 1847 in Circassia they implemented the political reform. Great role in carrying out of the reform was played Adagum assembly continued since February, 1848 till February, 1849. As a result of work of that assembly was creation of the united judicial management system and formation of confederation Abadzehs, Shapsugs, Natuhais and Ubyhs. The administration managerial control of the confederation was based on the territorial principle. All the territory subject to it was divided into administrative sites with a hundred courtyards in each one. Such sites were ruled by foremen people elected.

The sites situated in every valley (psuho) had the general supervising control body psuho council. 16 foremen usually entered it. For solving of the questions, concerning the whole confederation, assemblies of representatives of all the sub-ethnic groups occupying it were convoked.

Further carrying out of the political reforms faced persistent resistance of the both former powerful associations of relatives, and the feudal aristocracy. Besides creation of strong unitary state system with inevitable submission of separate person to the public authorities was rather interfered by the spirit of personal independence and freedom, characteristic for Circassians.

Then reformers again addressed to Islam, as to the powerful ideological system of rallying of the Circassian society. At that turning-point in the Western Circassia the third Shamil’s naib - Mohammed Amin - appeared. Operating vigorously and purposefully, he managed to form a basis for creation of Circassian state. Mohammed Amin's political system had the certain stability, however naib did not manage to realize completely the idea of statehood. The policy of Adygs’ integration was spent by Sefer-bey Zanoko.

The final stage of the political transformation of the western Adygs was connected with creation and activities in the 60s of the XIX century the medjlis of " the Circassian liberties". The medjlis was formed by representatives from among Abadzehs, Shapsugs and Ubyhs in June, 1861. It divided the subject territory into 12 districts, created management personnel and stated taxes. It was a formation of the state type. Creation of the medjlis in 1861 was a vivid example of the state-legal creativity of Adygs.

At the same time, the potential incorporated in the medjlis had not time to be realized fully owing to Adygs’ defeat in the Caucasian war and the compelled resettlement of the majority of them into the limits of the Ottoman Empire. The imperial invasion did not allow the natural process of formation of the centralized Circassian state to come to its end.

From the rests of once numerous and powerful people, they formed in 1922 Adygeyan autonomous region. At the initial stage it was a direct part of RSFSR, was an independent subject of the country. But as a result of the subsequent state-territorial transformation organized in the country, it became in the structure of various administrative territories, and longest, since 1937 till 1991 - in Krasnodar territory.

The favorable political conditions they enjoyed in the country in the end of the 80s of the last century, allowed Adygs to make true the century expectations of Adygeyan people - to find statehood in the form of republic. It is important that the republic was proclaimed at the extraordinary congress of Adygeyan people, and then at the session of the regional council of People's Deputies, and that was state-legal status was fixed by the federal agreement between Republic of Adygeya and the Federal center, as well as in the Constitution of Russian Federation.

The status of republic allows Adygs to feel high-grade representatives of the federative state; the status underlies the national pride of Adygs for their country - Russian Federation.

Now some political forces openly and unpunishedly call for abolition of the republican status, as a matter of fact - to an anticonstitutional revolution. Using the fact that Adygs because of the known tragical circumstances have appeared in minority on their primordial land, backwardness of democracy in society, xenophobian moods of some part of the population, destructive forces conduct the active work in order to deprive Adygeyan people of its statehood through a referendum.

We, Adygs, which way to Russia was hard, quite feel a part of the multinational Russian Federation, but we are the ancient original people with the special history and culture, under the whole course of the history deserve the right both before mankind, and Russia and to live henceforth as a people with our own language and culture.

The republic is a gain of the distressful Adygeyan people, realization of its right to self-determination, a chance to preservation of its originality, a rich spiritual heritage of the ethnos, a mechanism providing the equal rights among other peoples of Russia.

Adyghe Khase recognizes equality of representatives of all the peoples living in Republic of Adygeya, declares its constant and deep respect and brotherly attitude to them, is for understanding of the national needs of the indigenous people, its daily support in solving of essential problems of life-support.

At the same time, considering the complicated ethno-political situation that has developed in Russian Federation and in Republic of Adygeya as a result of destructive activities of some political forces both in the country, and in the North-Caucasian region, we suppose harmful re-drawing borders in conditions of the multinational and multiconfessional Northern Caucasus.

We should firmly protect the state-legal status of Republic of Adygeya as an independent subject of Russian Federation fixed in the Constitution of Russian Federation and in the Constitution of Republic of Adygeya.

Only existence of our republic guarantees preservation of Adygeyan ethnos, its language and culture.

I call the delegates of the congress to express opinions in accordance to the agenda, in relation to preservation of the status of Republic of Adygeya, as an independent subject of Russian Federation.

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