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The Congress of Adygeyan people, gathered in connection with necessity of preservation of Republic of Adygeya as an independent subject of Russian Federation, stated:

Adygs are the most ancient indigenous people of Northwest Caucasus, which during the millenia lives in the territory with its own language, history and culture. It has always aspired to create the statehood, having gone through its various forms, built relationship with neighbouring people and the states, including Russia. So, numerous visits of Circassian delegations to Moscow in the middle of the XVI century ended with establishment in 1557 the allied relations of Adygeya (Circassia) with Russia. Result of that rapprochement became constant participation of Circassians in the affairs of the Russian state.

Adygs during several centuries honestly protected the interests of Russia, participated on its party in the wars and military campaigns, giving it great commanders, big state and political figures who brought considerable contribution to strengthening of the Russian state. However during a century, since the 60s of the XVIII-XIX centuries they became a victim of the colonizing policy of the imperial Russia - the major part of the nation was killed or expelled out from the country.

From the rests of once numerous and powerful people, in the beginning of the 20s of the XX century 3 autonomous regions and one national area were formed. Adygeyan autonomous region at its initial stage was directly included into RSFSR, having become an independent subject of the country. But as a result of the subsequent state-territorial transformations that took place in the country, it became a part of various administrative territories, and longest, since 1937 till 1991 - in Krasnodar territory.

The favorable political conditions the country enjoyed in the end of the 80s of the last century, allowed Adygs to realize the century expectations of Adygeyan people - to find statehood in the form of republic. It is important that the republic was proclaimed at the congress of Adygeyan people, and then at the extraordinary session of the regional Council of People's Deputies, and got that state-legal status was fixed by the federal agreement between Republic of Adygeya and the Federal center, and also in the Constitution of Russian Federation.

The status of republic allows Adygs to feel full representatives of the federative state, it underlies the national pride Adygs for the whole country - Russian Federation.

However it is obvious that during the last years in our country including Adygeya we can find increasing scales of chauvinism, xenophobia, fascism, and other kinds of extremism. Over 15 years destructive forces form anti-Adygeyan moods, irresponsibly humiliate the national dignity of the radical people, openly and unpunishedly call for abolition of the republican status.

Using the fact that Adygs because of the known tragical circumstances makes minority of the population on their primordial land, backwardness of democracy in society, xenophobian moods of some part of the population, destructive forces, and also some high-ranking officials and politicians of the regional level conduct active work in order to deprive Adygeyan people of its statehood through a referendum.

Participants of the congress state that that is a way of not strengthening the statehood of Russia, and the way of its weakening and disordering.

We, Adygs, which way to Russia was hard, feel a part of the multinational Russian Federation, but we quite feel as the ancient original people with its own history and culture. We have deserved and we deserve the right before mankind, especially, before Russia to live henceforth as a nation with the national language and culture.

The republic is a gain of the distressful Adygeyan people, realization of its right to self-determination, is a chance to preservation of the originality, a rich spiritual heritage of the ethnos, a mechanism providing the equal rights among other peoples of Russia.

Delegates of the congress completely understand and recognize a huge role of the Russian and other peoples, living through centuries side by side with Adygs, in the state-legal, social and economic and cultural becoming and development of Republic of Adygeya, declare deep constant respect and brotherly attitude to them, are for understanding of the national needs of the indigenous people, daily participation in its destiny.

The Congress supports the policies of the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin relating to strengthening of federalism and the statehood of Russia, creation of the civil democratic society.

At the same time, considering the complicated ethno-political situation developed in Russian Federation and in Republic of Adygeya as a result of some political actions on governization and destructive activities of some political forces both taking place in the country as a whole, and in the North-Caucasian region, with a view of keeping the guarantees and the mechanism of preservation of the ethnic originality of Adygs the Congress of Adygeyan people makes the decision:

1. To consider harmful and unacceptable the policy of governization in the conditions of multinational and multiconfessional Northern Caucasus. To stand firmly for protection of the state-legal status of Republic of Adygeya as an independent subject of Russian Federation fixed in the Constitution of Russian Federation and in Constitution of Republic of Adygeya.

2. To support activities of the president of Adygeya Khazret Sovmen, directed on protection and strengthening of the statehood of the republic, increase of the standards of living and well-being of its inhabitants. To adopt the reference of the Congress to the multinational people of Republic of Adygeya.

3. Considering, that the Republic of Adygeya is formed as a result of realization of the right of Adygeyan people for self-determination, answers the principles of equality and self-determination of peoples, fixed in the Constitution of Russian Federation (clause 5, item 3); in the Charter of the United Nations (clause 1, item 2; clause 55; clause 73); in the International Pact about the economic, social and cultural rights (clause 1); in the International Pact about the civil and political rights (clause 1); in the General declaration of human rights (clause 29) - to consider change of the state-legal status of Republic of Adygeya to be exclusive right of Adygeyan (Circassian) people. The decision on change of the state-legal status of Republic of Adygeya can be made only on a referendum of Adygeyan (indigenous) people of Republic of Adygeya.

4. In case of adoption at the republican state level the decision on carrying out of the national (with participation of the whole population) referendum on the status of the republic, Adygeyan people will not participate in such referendum.

5. To address to the State Soviet-Khase of Republic of Adygeya with the request to solve the problem on legislative fixing of the regulations about that change of the state-legal status of Republic of Adygeya is the exclusive right of Adygeyan people, which can be realized through its referendum.

6. To address to Maykop town council of People's Deputies and the administration of municipal formation "Maykop town" with the request for renaming one of the central streets or the squares of Maykop with the name of Republic.

7. The Congress of Adygeyan people does not finish but only interrupts its work. In the situation that demand finding-out of the position of Adygeyan people concerning the destiny of the people and the republic, the Congress will gather and continue the work. The right for decision-making on renewal of the Congress’ work, representation of the interests of Adygeyan people during the time between the sessions is given to the Organizing committee on carrying out of the congress.

8. The resolution of the Congress of Adygeyan people is to publish in mass media, to send to the Administration of the President of Russian Federation, the State Duma of Russian Federation, to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly, the plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in the SFD, to the President of Republic of Adygeya, to the State Soviet-Khase of Republic of Adygeya, to the national social movements of the peoples of Northern Caucasus, the International Circassian Association, to the Council of Europe, OSCE and the United Nations.

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