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The president of the world famous group of enterprises ‘Elimsan’, the Turkish industrialist of Adygeyan origin Muzaffar Avdji (Dzyba), who had arrived from Istanbul to Krasnodar on May 30th, lead at the boundary examination post in the building of the city airport the rest of the day and night; with the next morning flight he returned to Turkey. He was not given even an opportunity to spend the night in the airport hotel, IА REGNUM correspondent informed.

All the night long the group of his relatives and friends also spent pending a happy end to meet Dzyba. Actions directed to prevention of the businessman’s crossing of the border were supervised by certain Cheremichko, the commander of Novorossisk boundary order group. He didn’t give any distinct explanation to the event, did not show any claims to the papers, spoke only that he operated not Muzaffar Dzyba is a frequent visitor in Adygeya, Black sea Shapsugia, Karachaevo-Circassia, Kabardino-Balkaria.

He made some attempts to invest into economy of Adygeya in the beginning of 90s of the last century. However, having met the first person of the republic, the industrialist made a conclusion that time for that had not come yet, as any large-scaled business in the republic while did not have a place.

As to the small and average business, as he remarked then, "both the big and small business demand equal expenses of forces". The businessman continued to meet with Aslan Dzharimov (IА REGNUM: the former president of Adygeya), but he limited the actions concerning the republic with only charitable activities.

With rotation of authority in Adygeya the local public started attempts of attraction Adygeyan foreign business in the economy of the republic. In particular, that task was carrying out by informal public association "Natpress", basically consisted of journalists and businessmen. Under the initiative of that group Muzaffar Dzyba’s meeting with the then prime minister of the republic Nikolay Demchuk (IА REGNUM: nowadays the deputy of the State Duma of Russia) was organized.

During the meeting the parties agreed that at the present stage they could talk not only about cooperation with one firm, but, for example, with the Circassian club of businessmen "Kafiat" where about 50 industrialists of Turkey entered. Therefore result of the meeting became the arrangement that in Maykop the forum of businessmen from Adygeyan Diaspora in the near future would be organized. However they did not managed to hold such forum neither in the nearest, nor during subsequent time.

Meanwhile, the efforts the public made did not weaken. The trip of the Adygeya governmental delegation to Istanbul in March 2005 headed by the then prime minister of the republic Asfar Hagur, was also connected with it.

The delegation visited the exhibition of scientific and technical achievements, but, the main thing, visited such enterprises as Ulker, Uki, Elimsan, which have mullions-strong capitals, deliver production worldwide and headed by ethnic Adygs, considering as a very perspective direction of the business development of communications with the historical native land - Adygeya, and in wider plan - Russian Federation.

Result of that trip to Turkey should become reciprocal visit in June of the same year during which a joint completion of investment offers of the foreign industrialists was planned. About it after arrival to Maykop, hardly constraining some triumphal tone in his voice, the head of the Cabinet said. But that arrangement remained without any logic continuation.

Some days later it in the SFD they held a meeting also devoted to investment questions. At that meeting with the report on his trip the prime minister of Adygeya acted. After the meeting achievements of investments into Adygeya were not publicly mentioned by the prime-minister at all. He did not answer the questions of journalists, in particular, IА REGNUM correspondent, too.

The present visit Muzaffar Dzyba to Adygeya differed from his previous ones with that this time he came on business. A little bit earlier the group of the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya, directly related to business, has created some informal public association that set as its purpose to lead an enterprise forum postponed so long.

The group included people who are personally familiar with the businessman, not once heard from him about his readiness for concrete steps. At the meeting of the visitor with the informal association discussion of the order of carrying out of the forum, its terms and other organizational questions was planned.

In the opinion of the head of the association of the republican deputies, the head of the parliament budgetary committee Rashid Mugu it would be very difficultly to find a reasonable explanation to such extremely offensive behaviour of the frontier guards. On the other hand, it is impossible to leave the incident without consequences, too. It is impossible to refuse cooperation with the foreign compatriots as well.

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