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The idea of carrying out in Maykop of a businessmen-compatriots’ forum was not new, though it is named here the newest. It received real prospects with coming to powers of the present Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen when they declared, that the priority course of the republic would be the economic development and any administrative barriers would be canceled; the struggle against corruption was started.

In the countries of compact residing the businessmen-Adygs are already incorporated in clubs, therefore the main thing in organization of the forum became decision-making on its carrying out at the republican governmental level.

The first person who got acquainted with the idea of attraction in Adygeya economy of the foreign capital was Nikolay Demchuk, which headed the cabinet of the republic in 2002-2003. In May, 2002 under the initiative of the informal association "NatPress" that had been formed by businessmen and journalists, he met in Maykop with Muzaffar Avdji (Dzyba), the president of the largest Turkish firm " Elimsan"; so carrying out of the forum was planned for summer of the same year.

However soon they found out that the prime-minister in the near future could lose his post of the head of the cabinet. In that connection they decided to delay carrying out of the forum. And - a miracle! - he kept his post then.

In January, 2003 Demchuk became the vice-president, the post of the prime minister of the republic was occupied by Gennady Mikichura. With idea of attraction of the foreign capital into Adygeya the new appointed prime minister was got acquainted not at once, he needed some time for studying of the general condition of the republican economy. Active actions of the informal association were organized in summer 2003. The prime minister was advised of the previous attempt of carrying out of the forum, but, nevertheless, he undertook realization of the offer with not smaller enthusiasm, than his predecessor.

After a series of negotiations the arrangement on carrying out of the forum in Adygeya capital in the end of October of the same year, on the Day of Republic was developed. However in August, 2003 political heavyweight G.Mikichura was dismissed from the post of the prime minister of the republic.

The next stage was an attempt of carrying out of the forum at the municipal level. The present mayor of Maykop Nikolay Pivovarov was acquainted with the idea. He apprehended it without any special enthusiasm, but still gave his consent. However the next months of the works showed that further negotiations would not promote the affair.

In March, 2005 the initiative group promoted the organization of a trip of the Adygeya governmental delegation to the international exhibition of scientific and technical achievements in Istanbul. The delegation was headed by the then Adygeya prime minister Asfar Hagur appointed to the post in the end of December, 2004. During the trip the delegation visited such enterprises as ELIMSAN, ULKER, UKI with mullions-strong turns, worldwide delivering production and headed by the compatriots, wishing to invest Adygeya economy, and in wider plan - Russian Federation.

The delegation also met with Adygs - deputies of the parliament of Turkey (14 people) and the first vice-premier of Turkey Abdulatif Shener who supervised the block of economic questions of the country.

According to the reached arrangement between the industrialists of Turkey and the members of the governmental delegation of Adygeya in June of the same year they expected arrival to Maykop of those industrialists with whom negotiations were carried on - for further studying of their investment projects. However some days after returning from Turkey the plenipotentiary in the SFD Dmitry Kozak held meeting - concerning the investment policies, too.

At that meeting with the report on the trip the Adygeya prime minister acted; after that he hadn’t mentioned achievements concerned compatriots’ investments publicly. The prime-minister refused to answer questions of the initiative group transformed by that time into the news agency "AdygeaNatPress".

The Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen was informed about the situation around forum’s organization twice. In June, 2003 then the chairman of the Committee on press affairs of Adygeya Asfar Kuek, participated on the eve in the conference of specialists in folklorists of the Northern Caucasus in Turkey, brought to the leader of the republic as a gift an electro-generating device - a know-how of the firm "Elimsan". Delivery of the gift was accompanied with request to Sovmen to promote liquidation of obstacles in carrying out of the enterprise forum.

Later the president of the republic was informed in the letter of the editor of the agency "AdygeaNatPress", dated with March 30th, 2006. In it he called to invite in the nearest future to personal meeting the head of the firm "Elimsan" Muzaffar Dzyba. However any visible actions of the president or his administration then or later did not follow.

By virtue of that in the end of May of the current year under the initiative of "AdygeaNatPress" in the republic the informal association "Compatriot" (formed by the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya, directly related to business) was created. A part from among of those deputies was personally familiar with the head of "Elimsan" and visited his enterprises long before creation of the informal association.

Businessmen – both local (Adygeya) and the foreign (Turkey, Jordan, Israel) ones - incurred all the material charges on carrying out of the forum and planned to invite to the action businessmen and heads of some subjects of the South of Russia.

However on May 30th, 2006 the president of "Elimsan" Muzaffar Dzyba, arrived from Istanbul, did not pass the boundary post of the airport "Krasnodar". Thus he was not explained the reasons, was not shown any claims to his documents. Those who arrived from Adygeya to meet their guest, were significantly informed that the surname of the businessman had been put in the computer that they - frontier guards - were only executors, and they should search for answers to their questions in cabinets of the high officials.

The businessman was compelled to spend a night in the boundary examination hall for passengers and after that - to return next morning to Turkey.

Muzaffar Dzyba visited the historical native land not for first time. During his present trip to Adygeya he planned to meet members of the informal public association of the republic "Compatriot" to get acquainted with them personally, and to discuss some organizational moments of carrying out of the economic forum. After that the businessman was to go to Moscow for participation in the electrotechnical exhibition "Electro-2006" led on June 5-9th in the Expo-centre on the Red Presniya.

As a whole judging with the stated above it should be clear that the incident at the airport of Krasnodar was not casual. The next conclusion that follows from the event: some forces, not interested in arrival to Adygeya and on the South of Russia of the legal, open foreign capital, are based both in the republic, and in Krasnodar territory, both in the SFD, and in Moscow.

Presence of those forces in Maykop could be proved, for example, with their awareness in the latest decisions of "Compatriot" association, as for Krasnodar, the incident happened at the airport of that city; the SFD - the role of the plenipotentiary that he played in March, 2005; Moscow – the frontier guards of Krasnodar ignored the fact that Dzyba should take part in the international exhibition that was written in the documents.

In a word, in attraction of investments into Adygeya economy Adygs should again to prove very hard that ‘they are not camels’, and then that actually camels cannot be citizens of Russian Federation, and once again that they are not camels. Exactly the way it was during the time of protecting of the status of the republic. Nevertheless, this way, probably, will be passed, as the issue deserved that.

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