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In the building of the Circassian benevolent association of New Jersey, the USA, a meeting devoted to the questions of the ethnic Adygs’ returning to the historical native land, in particular, to the decree of the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin «About measures on assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad» took place.

Except for the hosts, in the discussion representatives of the Kabardino-Balkarian branch of "The Native land" Association, Adyghe Khase of California, the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood took part. IА REGNUM Correspondent informs that referring to the information he received on September 6th from the president of the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood Zamir Shuhov.

Vladimir Nakatsev, the chairman of the executive committee of the Kabardino-Balkarian branch of "Native land" Association told the gathered about the legislation of Russian Federation, concerning the diasporas. The decree of the president of Russian Federation "About compatriots", signed recently, as it was explained by him, "also directly concerns the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, our Diaspora living outside the Russian Federation.

In connection with the developing situation in the Near East, as well as the processes of democratization of the Turkish society, the problem of the Adygeyan diasporas can take new forms. Therefore our compatriots abroad strongly hope for this decree. Inhabitants of KBR also hope that the interests of the 5-million people Adygeyan (Circassian) Diaspora will be considered”.

"As you know, the Adygeyan foreign Diaspora is the second-largest after the Russian one; and the decree of the president of the country is more comprehensible to the Russian-speaking population that remained outside Russia in connection with the USSR's disintegration, - representative of the KBR noted. – The decree did not considered the hopes of the small ethnoses that cherished the dream of their returning to the historical native land, the dream of those who appeared to be expelled
out of the limits of the fatherland by not their will.

Our Diaspora, certainly, aspires the territory where their ancestors lived, that is the republics of the Northern Caucasus with the Adygeyan population: Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Republic of Adygeya", - told Nakatsev.

He reminded that the decree established three categories of the possible resettlement territories. They are, first of all, strategically important for Russia frontier territories with the reduced population. Then they mean the zones of the large investment projects implementation, demanding mass attraction of immigrants in connection with absence of corresponding offers of labour on the local labour market.

The third category is formed with the territories of steady social and economic development where within the last 3 years reduction of the aggregate population number or migratory outflow was observed.

Thus, noted Nakatsev, if to consider the stated conditions of the compatriots' resettlement, the territory of KBR as a whole mismatched.

In the point of view of the chairman of "The Native land" executive committee of KBR, in the list of conditions for resettlement the decree should consider the ethnographic and the moral factors and as not less important, the guarantees of the Russian state for social, humanitarian adaptation of the immigrants to new
conditions of the democratic Russia.

Therefore in the working out of the resettlement program, alongside with economists, scientists, historians and the philologists, capable "to lighten" the interests of the Adygeyan Diasporas (in the context of the above-named decree of the president of Russia) should be engaged.

"Besides, - emphasized Nakatsev, - there is a strong necessity of resolution of the problem of citizenship of the Diasporas' representatives. According to the mentioned decree, a participant of the program who is moving, for example, to the Far East, can receive the sanction to residing, residence permit and the citizenship of Russian Federation within a month. But as to the Adygeyan Diasporas, this process can take 5 years. And the condition of its getting is refusal of our compatriot of the status of the citizen of the country he had lived in, as well as the obligatory knowledge of Russian. There is also the necessity to consider that in the territory of KBR alongside with the Russian language, there are Kabardian and Balkarian state languages, and it could be the reason for reception of citizenship of Russian Federation".

"The problem of simplification of the visa mode in Russia, - the president of the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood Zamir Shuhov noted in his speech, - and amendments in "the program of resettlement" concerned representatives of the Adygeyan Diasporas should be risen not only in the territory of Russian
Federation, but in the consulates worldwide".

In his opinion, it would be necessary for the Circassian benevolent association (CBA) of New Jersey to send corresponding letter to Russian embassy in New York; the same steps should be made by the Adygeyan public organizations in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Germany, France and other countries of the Adygs' compact residing.

In summary the assistant to the president of the Circassian benevolent association Haldun Hilmi declared readiness of the organization to consider all the documents and in the nearest future to make the decision concerned the measures to implement in that direction.

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