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The president of Russia Vladimir Putin signed on Saturday, September 9th, decrees about celebrating the 450th anniversary of the voluntary association of Kabardino-Balkaria, Adygeya and Karachaevo-Circassia in the structure of the Russian state. In Adygeya the most numerous opponents of the idea of that celebrating appeared to be among the public of the indigenous population of the republic for which, apparently, those actions were conceived.

The leader of communists of Adygeya and the deputy of the republican parliament Grigory Senin noted that he considered the idea of the celebrating of the 450th anniversary of voluntary association of Adygeya, Karachaevo-Circassia and Kabardino-Balkaria "certainly positively". He also stated his regret in occasion of that the preparation for such significant date should have been organized not in several months, and for example, 2-3 years previously. In his opinion, for preparation of the holiday, its carrying out they should allocate greater means.

And in various spheres, but first of all, certainly, into the social sphere. As to the political aspect of the celebration, as he noted: "This event unites all of us". The same opinion was expressed by Valentine Melnikov, the deputy of the republican parliament, the chairman of "Council of Maykop workers " – organization with great support not only among the population of the Adygeya capital, but the whole republic.

For the first time the concept "voluntary association" had been applied in the days of the Soviet Union – in relation to Kabardino-Balkaria. The campaign began on the eve of the 400th anniversary of the historic fact of the marriage of Ivan Grozny Kabardian princess Goshevnay (Maria), daughter of Temryuk Idarov, i.e. in 1957. The campaign came to the end with the unprecedented celebrations.

Very quickly that innovation extended in the next autonomous regions – Adygeya and Karachaevo-Circassia united with that, as well as in Kabardino-Balkaria, there statehood carriers were Adygs. In due course, having found corresponding historic facts, it was declared voluntary association in structure of the Russian state other national subjects.

That tradition was broken on the eve of the celebrating 440th anniversary, during the post-Soviet time. It was preceded with speeches of many scientists who denied the fact of the voluntary association. The accents were placed at the expanded session of the academic council of Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches where scientists of the Russian academy of sciences and from the Northern Caucasus had been invited.

According to the participants of that meeting, the considered problem practically did not cause any discussion - all the scientists agreed with the opinion that association in structure of Russia did not take place as there was the fact of establishment of the allied relations.

Director of Domestic history of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Novoseltsev noted then, that, in his opinion, "in this case we can talk about establishment of the certain protection, patronage of the imperial government in relation to other governors". And those governors "could accept double citizenship, simultaneously becoming subjects of the Turkish sultan, the Iranian shah and so on". The initiators of carrying out of the festivals were not the scientists (though they had been compelled to take part in the actions).

"But it was organized and dictated by corresponding ideological chiefs as in the center, and at the local authorities", - he emphasized. It was quite clear because such anniversary allowed that republic or their leaders to receive the certain awards, some additional means in favour of that republic, and the anniversary had noisy sounding".

The question of the voluntary association was renewed this year. And again the functions of the initiator were executed by Kabardino-Balkaria. In Adygeya that problem was widely sounded on May 22nd by the head of the republican president administration Taly Beretar at the wider session of the government. "Preparatory measures to this date should be started implementing now", - he told in particular. But then, officials frequently saying "voluntary association" often used the term "allied relations".

The formulation was defined during the implementation of preparation for carrying out of the action and the publications in the local press of the documents connected with that question where any different interpretations were not supposed.

With the protest statement the executive committee of the Adygeysk town branch of the republican social movement Adyghe Khase on August 8th acted. In it it was spoken that "carrying out of this action partially justifies the actions of the Russian empire in the territory of Circassia in the XIX century" that according to the offered logic "there was no 100-year war for freedom of Circassia with the aggressor, as there was "a counterterrorist" (as it could be named it now) operation".

As a whole, the voluntary association of Adygeya in the structure of Russia is the event that did not happened. "And rewriting of the history to the please of certain political circles, - figured the authors of the document, - who’s wishing to receive from that some dividends, cannot promote any mutual understanding among the peoples". Besides it was spoken in the final part of the statement, in the history of the Adygeyan and the Russian peoples there are many things that unite them without such political gambling.

The reciprocal course was undertaken on August 15th by the executive committee Adyghe Khase of the republican level. In the sitting the republican deputies, members of the government, including the head of the presidential administration took part. As many participants of the meeting noted, at the sitting there were only 3 members of the executive committee from among 7 operating, i.e. the quorum was absent. The other members of the executive committee as it was found out later, were simply not invited to the session.

But nevertheless many people gathered. Participants of the meeting explained that situation with that a half of them had been invited by the officials, the other half came without an invitation, casually having heard about the event. Some active workers of the Circassian congress who, as they said, came to express their protest, for example, were among of “the uninvited”.

The sitting passed in a sharp discussions, it was impossible to come to any common opinion. However after it the chairman of the Adyghe Khase executive committee of the republic Askhad Chirg declared journalists that the executive committee of the organization unanimously made decision to participate in the celebrating the anniversary of the voluntary association.

"This event, - he said, in particular, - is impossible to connect with the Caucasian war which was in the XIX century. It had taken place much earlier and showed what mutual relations existed between the Russians and the Adygs at that time, how Adygs participated in the life of the Russian state".

Historians of Adygeya, even the participants of the memorable academic council of 1996, prefer to not make any statements for mass-media on that question. But if to speak with them without a microphone, they confirm their former positions. Many of them consider that they were "oppressed" by the republican House of Government. Others prefer to keep silent because the federal center should allocate considerable means for the republic.

There are those who had already declared their support of the celebrating in exchange for keeping their official post after themselves. Only the of historical degree, the head of the history department of the Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches Asker Panesh one more tome published fragments from his article of 10-years prescription in which he had written that there was not any association with Russia.

In the days after the publication of the decrees of the Russian president the Circassian Congress and Adygeysk town Adyghe Khase declared again their protest. There are very curious in that connection if nor concurrences, then at least "mustering" of the points of view of the consecutive opponents: the above-named organizations and "Union of Slavs of Adygeya".

The editor of the press organ of "Union" – the newspaper "Zakubanie" - Vladimir Karatayev told that he indifferently concerned to the celebrating. Thus he made a reservation that the organization did not have special discussion of the question. "While in Russia there are not any developed uniform approach to such dates, - he noted further, - the events of the past will be strongly deformed and interpreted enough to the please someone's interests".

As to Putin and his decrees, in Karatayev's opinion, the president of the country has much more actual problems that need to be solved. "Now, - he emphasized, - it’s not the time for such holidays". And if someone wanted to celebrate them, it should not be organized with such pomp and expenses as, for example, at the celebrating the 1000th anniversary of Kazan, and much more reasonably.

Aslan Shazzo, Natpress
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