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Actually in the present crisis of authority which could be observed now in the republic in which the most different forces were involved the question is not about the Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen, as well about self-preservation of the republic, as the leaders of "Nafna" - "Habze" organization suppose. (Renaming of the organization is just the matter of time; the documents are handed over for re-registration). There are and will be claims to the style of Sovmen’s management; a private decision of the public to not allow him get the repeated term, had been accepted and much earlier.

According to the vice-president of the organization Aly Avgana, a reference point of the new coil of intensity was not resignation of the acting prime-minister, but much earlier decision - about celebrating of the 450th anniversary of "voluntary association of Adygeya in structure of Russia".

The fact confirmed historically with nothing, moreover, denied by the expanded academic council of the Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches 10 years ago in which the scientists of the Russian academy of sciences took part.

The celebrating is directly connected with the other action planned with not a smaller pomp - the 150th anniversary of Maykop where for the basis of the town’s foundation they took a note about construction of a Russian fortress on the place of the burnt Adygeyan settlements. The third factor is an inscription on the future monument in the Maykop center:

"To the defenders of Circassia in the Russian-Caucasian war of the XIX century" that was offered to replace with "more tolerant": "To the victims of the Caucasian war of the XIX century" to include there not only the party subjected to violence, but also the Russian soldiers, died at that war.

Legal pressure against the republic, reminded Avgana, i.e. withdrawal from the Adygeya legislation the items and the laws guaranteed preservation of Adygeya status, had begun at the first president of the republic Aslan Dzharimov.

By Sovmen that campaign became wider and reached the critical point when the republic was not protected any more with any law, and its liquidation was impossible only because of absence of the republican law on referendum with corresponding formulations. And if to give due Sovmen since that moment he did statements that he " will not give up" the republic as many times, as the public demanded from him.

Alongside with those factors - namely, the ideological and the legal pressure - it should be also consider the economic policy carried out by the Russian management in relation to the republic, considered Avgana. In the Kremlin someone would desire very much to prove that Adygs couldn’t support itself independently, someone wants them to be envy, looking to the "blossoming" Krasnodar territory to wake up their desire to ask for their neighbour to accept in the embraces.

If Moscow within the limits of that policy makes real steps, for example, for creation of such contrast opens special investment projects for Krasnodar territory, then what Adygeya could make to change such state of affairs to its best?

It is necessary to admit, emphasized Avgana, in the present conditions Adygeya does not have other way-out, except addressing to the Diaspora. And that addressing is lawful; nobody has the right to reproach the republic with such step.

However for such step it is necessary the firm political will. But still once again Sovmen met the initiative of the Diaspora with silence beyond any civility. The scandalous case when the big Adygeyan businessman, the interstate-scale figure – Muzaffer Advji, tripping to Maykop for organization of the economic forum in Adygeya - was detained at the Krasnodar airport and sent back out by the next flight. What head of a republic could leave such incident without an answer?

The way for Adygeyan investments into the republic is still closed, said the vice-president of the organization, but simultaneously with it some new tendency in the policy also appeared. To Adygeya investments started getting, and very large ones, aimed to that their "investors" could become full owners, at least, of ‘their’ whole economic branches of the republic.

And that is not the way of reviving of the republican economy by means of which Adygeya could exist, and on the contrary the way of its robbery. That is, in that situation it cannot be seen any far-sighted strategy again. So, it should be changed - whether the strategy, or the president - a word, everything that stirs.


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