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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
First, about what we must say: the president plenipotentiary in the SFD Dmitry Kozak has acted more gently and more cleanly than he was waited by Sovmen’s team. And on the contrary, all who counteracted the president plenipotentiary, looked rough and crude. Yes, his first steps proved that he was going to work from the position of force. For it, for example, selection of those who was invited to his meeting specified.

According to its participants, people, never known as public figures, filled a half of the hall. Besides at the initial stage of the meeting they did not invited those who could say something against. And only after then very hastily (that is why, they did not invited many people) they invited in the last turn those whom they did not want to see in the beginning of the preparation of the meeting. And the tactics was changed, too.

The meeting consisted of two parts - in first they fixed the opinion of "bottoms", in second – of "tops". Before the meeting Kozak had a half-hour conversation with Sovmen. Then, having finished the meeting with the republican public, Kozak talked to the president again. But those talks, apparently, meant nothing; each of them agreed to differ. Kozak, judging by his face while he was going out from Sovmen’s cabinet, did not face anything unexpected, and Sovmen, on the contrary, did not understand that he heard something new.

If Kozak, standing before TV-journalists, did not say anything worth to be quoted, Sovmen, on the contrary, said that he would take on the second term of the presidency, if the people supported him, and if they did not, then he would not have let come to powers people, which … Further in his hints the image of the rector of the Maykop state technological university Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov could be easily guessed.

In short if to analyze the information campaign before the meeting, we must name job of Tkhakushinov’s team as workshop. It already affected at the session with participation of "bottoms". And it consisted, first of all, of that that team had isolated from all the spectrum of the public forces the most odious one - "Union of Slavs of Adygeya". Here we may quote the second man in the organization Vladimir Karataev who commented the meeting.

"You might have an impression that the majority of the leaders of the public organizations now for the rector of the Maykop state technological university, deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov", - he said to IA REGNUM correspondent.

And one more citation from the materials of the agency: "Karataev did not name the nominee from their organization, because, as he said, in the atmosphere created in audience, it "would just cause laughter". If to speak about impressions from the meeting, he remained dissatisfied with it".

It is even more amazingly that the Tkhakushinov’s team had made all that, not having touched the organization, which is completely opposite to "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" - "Circassian congress".

The way it had managed to do, fairly saying, remains a mystery for us. And the main thing is - why? It would be easier to stand aside from the both organizations, having opposed them to each other and called them "radicals". Probably, all the same the rating of "Circassian congress" is much higher, than the rating of "Union" - even among the Russians, and that the PR-agents had to take into account.

The second part of the session demonstrated that the team of "United Russia" had lost. As a proof for that it is possible to mention another IA REGNUM material, made with Rashid Mugu, head of the budget committee of the parliament. We give it in the full version: "On behalf of "United Russia" at the meeting with the president plenipotentiary in the SFD the head of the parliamentary committee under budget Rashid Mugu acted, IA REGNUM correspondent informed.

As the candidates to the republican president for the following term he offered the present head of the republic Khazret Sovmen, the speaker of the parliament Ruslan Hadjebiekov¸ and the future senator from Adygeya Aslan Hashir.

"Probably, - noted Mugu, - the president plenipotentiary will submit for consideration of the president of Russian Federation two nominees – Ruslan Hadjebiekov and the rector of the MSTU Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov. Maybe they will also discuss the third nominee – Aslan Hashir".

The mistake of the members of “United Russia”, as we see it, was that they should not speak about yesterday's day - about Sovmen - even because of politeness. Besides they had to make their choice in time – Hadjebiekov or Hashir. That choice, probably, was not made. In such case there was no any information campaign undertaken by the opposition. However, this "unexhaustedness" of the forces speaks that there are still variants for political struggle. To restore so to say, justice Kozak had ruined.

As to the Adygeya president and, the main thing, the chief of his administration Taly Beretar, they had not understood that, in fact, they are already in resignation. The interview mentioned above - discrediting Sovmen additionally – was demonstrated in the evening TV-air: after the events had happened. Why did the president, who manipulates money rather skillfully, make such comments?

Aslan Shazzo, Natpress
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