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The basic materials of the new number are «Rejected «by the Right», but without Reasons» (author Aslan Shazzo) and «About the History of Maykop’s foundation. The Most Ancient One…» (Author Nurby Lovpache).

In the first article the reader can be acquainted with how the frontier guards of the Krasnodar airport mistreated the Turkish businessman of the Adygeyan origin Muzaffer Dzyba, with the steps of the group of members of the Adygeya parliament, connected with that and the official reply of the frontier guards. About all of that the readers of Natpress had been already informed. But still in that article there are some new materials - conclusions from which we offer some abstracts. The question is about the rights of the frontier guards and the foreign citizens.

"In total in the clause 27 of the Federal law "About the order of departure from Russian Federation and way in to Russian Federation" there are 7 subitems according to which they can reject to come in. At presence just one of the four reasons stated in the subitems 2-5 of the clause, in the passport of a foreign citizen a special mark should be put. Such mark had not been put by the Krasnodar frontier guards in the passport of Avdji (Dzyba).

That means those subitems must be excluded from our consideration automatically. It is also to be excluded the 6 subitem where it is spoken that the frontier guards should not pass persons not having means for their stay in the territory of Russian Federation. Avdji is a man of means, and he, certainly, had money with him.

The remained subitems, together with the prologue of the clause of the law as run as follows: "Entrance to Russian Federation or person without citizenship is not authorized to foreign citizen in case: (1) it is necessary for defensibility either security of the state, or the public order, or protection of health of the population; (7) in relation to foreign citizen or person without citizenship decision on undesirability of residing in Russian Federation is adopted". Here again there is a set of questions on which neither the law, nor the frontier guards give any answer.

For example, such questions like: who and how defines, whether a visit of this or that foreign citizen threatens to "defensibility or security of the state, or public order? Whether "the frontier guard in the name of "protection of health of the population" can not let the foreigner in if, say, that has caught a cold in the plane and had imprudence to sneeze while crossing the state border.

And the main thing - who and to what attributes makes decision "on undesirability of residing in Russian Federation" of citizen of a foreign state if about the administrative and the judicial decisions it is already told in 2-5 subitems of the clause of the considered law.

Besides you should not analyze deeply to understand: the last 7-th subitem transforms the other subitems into observance of mere formality. The idea "about undesirability of residing" of a foreigner, according to the logic of the law, can occurred an ordinary frontier guard or his commander. It can be dictated "from above" by “the telephone law”, because, for example, that foreign citizen did not wish to pay a bribe and so on. The same frontier guards to whom that idea occurred" have the right for interdiction of entrance and apply”. The end of the citation.

The second clause had also been published on our website in due time. But much earlier. In it it was spoken about the found on the territory of present Maykop town a stone with the most ancient inscription. That archeological find was called in science as Maykop stone plate and its age was estimated in 3200 years. In the opinion of the scientists, in particular, Turchaninov (Leningrad) and N.Lovpache (Maykop), on the stone plate it was written down the time of foundation of a town on the territories of the modern capital Adygeya.

Turchaninov decoded the inscription from the ancient Abkhazian language by means of the bibl letters, and Lovpache – from the Khettian. Those texts in due time had not been published by us. Now we have an opportunity to fill that blank.

In the Turchaninov’s text (and he had decoded the text not completely) it was spoken: "That is the descendant [son] of the great Azeghian tsar Marana. The fortress of Aja [Ah] is his property. Paghia from Hiza, having come here in the beginning of the month of Sowing in the year 21, had built [this] fortress in the Rocks Country, in the gold-bearing land, in the valley of Pahu".

The text of Lovpache is: "Kasutuvana – the priest of the god of Hebatu, the 51-years old man, having arrived to the district "Sady", constructed a town for the offspring of the imperial kin Hatti Suppule - the younger brother of Arnuvanda. One thousand hands of the builders he delivered, the stone and hornbeam for the town. In the twenty fifth year of life (probably, of tsar Suppiluleuma), in the seven-mouth term the ruler consecrated the palace fortress Ma-ae (My-ae) in the name of the goddess of grain Hajama with twenty one sacrificial sheep and a plough of fans".

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