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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
Natpress informed that in the work of the II World congress of compatriots of Russia, passed on October 24-25th in St.-Petersburg among 600 participants there were also representatives of the Adygeyan foreign Diaspora - from Jordan and Syria. Zuheir Stash, a delegate of the congress from Syrian Adygeyan Diaspora, the member of Adyghe Khase executive committee of Syria, a member of the executive committee of the International Circassian association (ICA) now is in Adygeya.

- How did you become a delegate of the congress?

- I might tell, casually. I had spoken by phone with the chairman of the Adyghe Khase Federation of Jordan, and among other things he informed me that the Russian embassy in Amman had sent them an invitation to the congress. In that invitation written in English, it was spoken about compatriots of Russia since the times of the Russian empire, and was specified that into the category there were Jordanian Adygs and Chechens.

Having received by fax that invitation, I addressed to the embassy in Damascus where I was explained that in Syria the Russian cultural center was engaged in such invitations. In the cultural center, in turn, I found out that in the congress not only an Adygeyan delegation from Syria could take part, but also as a delegate of that congress my nominee appeared to be - I in due time had been educated in Leningrad and speak Russian.

Simultaneously with it I phoned to the president of the ICA Kaspolat Dzamihov, then I sent to Nalchik the program of the forthcoming congress. It was found out that the association had not received the invitation; still its management liked the program. We were short of time for the application for participation, therefore we agreed that after the congress I should send to the ICA a package of the documents adopted at the congress.

- Did you manage to read your report at the congress?

- On the first day, certainly, I did not. The program of the speeches was very sated. There were in the program the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and many other officials. In that connection I was advised to register in the list for the second day when the work into the sections was organized.

I had chosen the section where the question of implementation of the presidential program of resettlement of compatriots to Russia was considered. In the section’s work about 80 delegates had taken part. It seems to me, I liked my speech; anyway, it was accepted warmly. Besides the head of the section had taken my report to attach to the documents of the congress. They, as it was declared, should be published on the web site of the congress and in the mass-media on November 15th.

- Did they mean the presidential program of resettlement of compatriots of Russia and the non-Russian Russians? What was spoken at the congress about that?

- Putin had been asked such question at the press conference organized right after his speech at the congress. And he answered that the concept “compatriots of Russia” includes representatives of all the peoples having their historical roots in the territory of the present Russian Federation.

As a whole, that that in our invitations had been specified that we were ranked as compatriots that in the charter of the congress it was also directly spoken that not only the Russians are considered as compatriots, in my opinion, are the sufficient basis to believe that we could be included in the presidential program, too.

I closely listened and communicated with the participants of the congress. And everywhere the term “Russians” was applied. In particular, I got acquainted with the member of the council of the congress, the chairman of the Interdepartmental commission on work with the Russian compatriots abroad, the head of the international communications department of the Government of Moscow George Muradov.

He noticed, for example, that we, Adygs, should not forget about the Abkhazes, who, under his data, have not less problems than the Adygs. I have to admit, that his remark made a strong impression upon me.

- Well. And who else, except for the Russians and the Adygs, took part in the congress?

- At the congress the president of Tatarstan Mintimir Shaymiev acted. He told, in particular, that now the general number of the Tatars is about 7 million people. From them in Tatarstan only 2 million people live. He had expressed a hope that the congress would render the effective help in strengthening communications among the Tatars and for their returning home. Besides the World congress of Tatars took part in the work of the congress.

Therefore, it is possible to tell confidently that the ICA has the right to take a worthy place in the Congress of compatriots of Russia. And the presidents of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Republic of Adygeya should not been prevented to participate at the III congress which takes place in 3 years.

- What documents of the II Congress of compatriots of Russia, in your opinion, will be published on November 15th?

- At the congress a great attention had been paid to the question of the dual citizenship that could considerably facilitate purchase of habitation for the compatriots, organization of their manufacture, and so on. Besides the dual citizenship can provide inflow of the investments into the regions.

The question of creation of satellite TV was also very actively discussed. But the paramount value all the same had consideration of the projects of the programs of resettlement of compatriots in the 12 pilot regions of Russia. I think the basic package of the documents of the congress will be devoted to that, too.

Aslan Shazzo. Natpress
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