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At the office of the republican movement "Adyghe Khase" passed in the evening of October 9th a meeting of the national public associations of Adygeya, devoted to the nominees for the future president of the republic passed, IА REGNUM correspondent informed. The chairman of the trainer's council of the republican sambo-wrestling federation Arambiy Hapay conducted the assembly.

In the work of the assembly a representative of the State Soviet-Khase of republic, the leaders of "Adyghe Khase", "Circassian congress", "Nafna" ("Habza"), the language center "Active", the Tatar society "Duslyk", the republican branches of "The Union of Armenians of Russia" and "The All-Russia Azerbaijan congress" took part.

As Arambiy Hapay explained in his opening address, the discussion at the meeting should not concern features of this or that candidate, but the things, in the opinion of the gathered, the new Adygeya president should correspond. However that idea was supported practically by nobody. Basically they said about their attitude to the two nominees: the present president Khazret Sovmen and the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase, the rector of the Maykop state technological university Aslan Tkhakushinov.

The first orator at the meeting was the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase Adam Bogus who noted that, in his opinion, the Adygeya president could be only Adyg, the ministers of culture and education should also be Adygs, as to the rest ministers and top officials of the republic, choosing them it must be considered only their professionalism.

Then he told in detail to the gathered about the present procedure of the presidential elections of the republic, about the passed and forthcoming stages of that political process.

The chairman of "The Union of Armenians of Russia" Grachik Gadjan in his performance, in particular, remarked that he agreed that the status of the republic at any change of the authority should remain the competence of the indigenous people, especially, the one suffered from the genocide.

At the same time he said that actually at the moment Adygeya is in poverty, the authorities on behalf of the president of the republic are inaccessible for average people whereas the fine characteristic of his political opponent could be even cosy and good-tasted equipped courtyard of the university where you could get as ‘in the other world’. The acting noted also the democratic character of Tkhakushinov.

The head of the Tatar society "Duslyk" Aliam Iliasov with his words had supported the previous performance meaning that the question on the status of the republic should be removed from any discussion, and the economy of the republic was far from the perfection. Nevertheless, he said, the Tatars in the republic live not bad, they study their native language, their culture revives; but for example, you could not tell about the same in relation to the Krasnodar Tatars who has no even any national public organization.

Iliasov did not criticize Sovmen, but he mentioned with his grateful word Tkhakushinov anyway. "He responds on any problem", - the head of the Tatar community explained.

The co-chairman of the organization "Nafna" ("Habza"), member of the operating organizing committee of the Extraordinary congress of the Adygeyan people Asker Namitokov stated that the question of a nominee for the next Adygeya president and the status of the republic should not be in rigid dependence as it had been done by many.

Certainly, many things would depend on the will of the next president of the republic, he said. But the will of the indigenous people of the republic has the crucial importance, and that political will had been stated with all its clearness on May 21st this year. Then Namitokov, resulting concrete examples, said about the economy: no real investments into the republican economy, the capital leaves Adygeya, instead if being attracted.

The leader of "The All-Russia Azerbaijan congress" Gabil Rizaev told that he as a lawyer had been personally convinced of the rigid counteraction of the local authorities to the Adygeyan foreign investments into republic. He let know about purchase of a thrown farm in which during half a year the businessman had tried to restore a livestock of cattle of the Soviet period and if he did not manage it - to leave all the made in that farm for the state ownership. However the businessman had not even allowed buying the farm, told Rizaev.

He stated his opinion in occasion of that the top heads in Adygeya were inaccessible for the population. He made his comparison describing the styles of work of the two mayors – the Adygeya capital and its nearest town of Krasnodar territory Belorechensk. The leader of the congress also noted that he gave his preference to Tkhakushinov’s nominee.

The vice-president of the "Adyghe Khase" executive committee, the vice-president of the International Circassian association Nalby Guchetl stated in his speech that in the republic there are really shortcomings, but the whole case still was not too bad. The economy revives. At the same time, it would be impossible to ignore that fact that the status of the republic continues to be threatened. And they all should remember about Sovmen’s role in the situation.

And to the results of the rating voting of the deputies (IА REGNUM: from among 52 present deputies for Tkhakushinov 44 deputies had voted, against - 6, refrained - 2) that just speaks that the present deputies were "shopkeepers". Guchetl also said about Sovmen’s availability, as anybody could register in the reception? However on that phrase his speech was interrupted as propaganda for the concrete candidate for the president.

At the meeting they also discussed the question on the forthcoming celebrating of the 450th anniversary of the voluntary association of Adygeya in structure of the Russian state. They could claim in relation to that action only to the present executive authority of the republic, but not to its successor, it was stated at the meeting. In case if the authority is changed, the scientific elite and the public of Adygeya will be guilty for that.

Therefore they should claim today. The deputy of the parliament of the republic Bogus answered that statement. He assured the gathered that he would sound the declared problem at the nearest session of the State Soviet-Khase.

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