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It appears that the public of Adygeya is rather far from the unequivocal support of the operating president of the republic Khazret Sovmen. As "Expert Online" found out, representatives of the local public organizations (which, as it had been informed earlier, addressed to the president of Russia with request to let Sovmen stay for the second term) either did not do it, or had done it under pressure.

As today "Expert Online" had already informed, on Saturday a number of the public organizations of Adygeya signed a reference to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in which the head of the state was asked to let the operating president of republic Khazret Sovmen work for the second term (its powers expire in January, 2007).

The campaign was begun in the republic after the plenipotentiary Dmitry Kozak and the local party branch "United Russia" found Sovmen’s successor: the rector of the Maykop state technological university Aslan Tkhakushinov. Thus promotion of the new candidate was preceded with the consultations with the public held by the plenipotentiary in Maykop town. Khazret Sovmen after that repeatedly named Tkhakushinov’s promotion illegal referring to that it had been led not by the rules.

On November 10th on the official site of the Adygeya president they published news that informed that some tens representatives of the art intelligency, professional creative collectives of Adygeya Republic, among which – the heads of the Russian and the Adygeyan drama theatres, republican libraries, glorified collectives "Nalmas" and "Islamey" artists, composers and other known art workers, sent a reference to the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Authors of the reference expressed their support to the president of Adygeya Republic Khazret Sovmen and asked the Russian leader to appoint him for the second presidential term. In the massage it was also notified that "Khazret Sovmen in his work has convinced that this is he with whom the future of the republic should be built".

Workers of the educational establishments … remark the positive activities of Khazret Sovmen on the post of the head of Adygeya and his great potential for the further productive work. In their opinion, now there are no any alternatives to Khazret Sovmen, and his nominee in a due measure corresponds to the high requirements for the head of the subject of Russian Federation.

The most mass public organization of Adygeya - the organization of the veterans (pensioners) of war, work, armed forces and law enforcement bodies of Adygeya Republic that unites over 120 thousand members, had addressed to the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with request to appoint Khazret Sovmen to the post of the president of Adygeya Republic for the second term, too.

"Sovmen is a pure and honest politician who has declared the open war against corruption and criminality. Owing to Sovmen the authority of the officials and the state grows; with his arrival the society in Adygeya has changed as Sovmen set the high moral and business standards", - it was written in the corresponding reference.

However, as today some sources in Adygeya informed at once to "Expert Online", the reference to the president of Russia, published on Saturday in the newspaper "Soviet Adygeya" (controlled by the Adygeya administration) if to say it mildly, not absolutely corresponds to reality.

"The present executive authority of the republic tries to show by hook or by crook that Khazret Sovmen is irreplaceable", - the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Adam Bogus declared. According to the legislator, on the last Thursday in Maykop a meeting of representatives of various public organizations of Adygeya passed. At the meeting the unequivocal opinion that the operating head of republic should leave after the term of his powers is out was expressed.

"After that on Friday separate assemblies of those organizations at which they adopted the reference in Sovmen’s support took place at 2.00 p.m. They had done it under pressure", - told Bogus.

The fact of pressure from the authorities was also confirmed to "Expert Online" by the director of one of Maykop schools, who asked to not mention his name. As he said, in Adygeya they had the situation "that, likely, always happens where one officials do not wish to give the powers to other ones, despite of the lawful democratic procedures".

According to the teacher, the heads of the educational institutions really faced the pressure. "But it was done very delicately, very. However it still was quite clear", - he added.

Adam Bogus has also information confirming the facts of the pressure upon the teachers. As he said, from the Ministry of Education of Adygeya the corresponding instruction for the directors of the schools was sent. "We shall discuss these facts in the nearest future", - the deputy stated. "Such situation proceeds today; and attempts precisely occur. And those attempts made in many respects not by Sovmen himself but by some officials from his political environment", - Bogus added.

In the staff of the plenipotentiary in the Southern federal district they refused to make any comments on the situation. However, most likely, the actions of the executive authority of the republic will not be disregard by Rostov-on-Don, considering far from the warmest attitudes between Dmitry Kozak and Khazret Sovmen.

According to some information, deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya plan to send a letter to president Vladimir Putin to tell the head of the state about the ways Sovmen tries to keep his powers. While, according to Adam Bogus, such document had not been discussed. "We have already stated to the president our decision", - Bogus reminded about the opinion of the majority of the parliament concerned inadmissibility of Sovmen’s promotion for the second term.

Author: Alexander Popov
Опубликовал administrator, 14-11-2006, 19:12. Просмотров: 1334
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