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The co-chairman of the public organization Khabza Ali Bgana and the editor of the Internet-agency Natpress Aslan Shazzo recently visited Turkey. The main task of their trip was expansion of the circle of acquaintance to Turkish businessmen of Adygeyan origin and strengthening of cooperation, particularly, in information interchange among the available print editions of the historical native land and Turkey. The delegation visited Samsun, Ankara, Izmit and Istanbul cities.

As it was found out during the meetings with businessmen, very few of them did not attempt to invest into Adygeya economy. Many of them communicated to concrete high-ranking officials of the republican government. However all those attempts were unsuccessful, at the best they ended with loss of a part of means of the investors, in the worst businessmen had to restore their business ‘from zero’. The businessmen explained their failures dishonesty of the republican officials and businessmen.

Nevertheless, the part of the businessmen still expressed in favour of renewal of cooperation under condition: that should be organized at the other qualitative level. Among the businessmen from Turkey there are those who work in Adygeya now.

In Samsun town the delegation was acquainted with the mayor - ethnic Adyg Yusuf Tlish. The head of municipality told what he had managed to make during stay on his post: reconstruction of the auto line by the Black sea coast, restoring of infrastructures around it, construction of vacation spots at the coast, construction of the new road service station, expansion of the airport, seaport and many other things.

In the nearest plans, the mayor said, they have organization of the sea transportation between Samsun and Novorossiysk or Sochi. It is an uneasy project if to consider the circumstance that its destiny must solved at the state level of the two countries - Turkey and Russia. Implementation of the project, under the mayor’s forecasts, could be possible in 3-4 months. Then the head of municipality would like to visit his historical native land.

"Shame on me, - Tlish remarked, - I never was neither in Adygeya, nor in the other Adygeyan regions of Caucasus".

He explained that with that he was very busy, and that, in his opinion, till now it had been nothing to go with. However after the project’s implementation he would be ready to visit, and to arrive to Adygeya accompanied by a group of businessmen.

While visiting Ankara the delegation met with the president of the Khase public organizations federation of Turkey Djihan Djandemir, recently elected on that post. The basic topics of the conversation were connected to the decree of the president of Russian Federation of June 22nd, 2006 "About measures on rendering assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation compatriots living abroad" (and the program on that decree), as well as strengthening of cooperation among the renewed staff of the employees of the web-site of the federation and Natpress edition.

In Djandemir’s opinion, for participation of Adygeya, Karachaevo-Circassia and Kabardino-Balkaria in the presidential program of compatriots’ resettlement serious reorganization of the International Circassian association (ICA) is needed: that, by the way, has been already begun. He estimated positive that the three delegates the foreign Adygs had already taken part in the II World congress of compatriots of Russia, past in St.-Petersburg on October 24-25th this year. One of them the delegate of the Adygs of Syria Zuheir Stash is a member of the ICA executive committee.

The co-chairman of Khabza organization A.Bgana notified that the organization he headed planned to take part in implementation of the named regional program across Adygeya. For that purpose they started studying the legislative basis of the question. They had collected about 20 federal and republican laws that can be necessary for preparation of the initial part of the program. Then the organization intends to promote carrying out in Maykop an economic forum of the compatriots where the basic part of the program can be developed.

In that question the present position of the Black sea Shapsugs as representatives of the indigenous small people of Russia (who cannot take part in the program) is very important. The leader of the organization explained that by virtue of the legislative costs both of the federal and the regional levels, Shapsugs could not realize even their most simple legitimate rights. At the moment, Bgana told, the organization analyzes the documents connected with Shapsugs’ attempts to restore justice - requests, references, applications to the courts of various instances.

In Izmit town the delegation met with the known in the Adygeyan world businessman, the head of the group of enterprises ELIMSAN Muzaffer Dzyba. We shall remind, after many attempts to initiate carrying out of an economic forum of compatriots in Maykop at the republican governmental level members of Khabza organization addressed for help to the group of the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya (elected this year), as well as to the head of the firm ELIMSAN.

Then during the negotiations they made arrangement that the forum could be held in Adygeya in the beginning of July this year. However on May 30-31 the frontier guards of the Krasnodar airport detained the businessman traveling to Maykop for working meetings. He was compelled to return by next flight to Istanbul, and the forum did not take place.

Heads of the organization and the agency informed Dzyba what was made by them for resolution of the conflict together with the deputies. According to the visitors, the main thing was found out – there were not reasons for the businessman’s detention. One thing is still unclear: who particularly made decision on interdiction on passing the border. Though, on the other hand, the circle of possible persons is very narrow.

The days spent in Istanbul, were devoted to the meetings with compatriots old friends, and also seeing the city sights.

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