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In Adygeya the known Petersburg writer and historian Jacov Gordin resides. In the conversation with IА REGNUM correspondent Gordin explained that his trip is very important for him as a historian particularly specializing on the Caucasian matter. On December 5th together with the member of Council of Federation from Adygeya Republic Vyacheslav Shverikas Jacov Gordin met representatives of Adygeya republican social movement «Circassian congress».

"I am interested not only in history, but in today’s events happening in Caucasus. I am here for this reason. And I prefer to listen, than to speak", - Jacov Gordin started the conversation. The chairman of Circassian congress Murat Berzegov notified that coverage of the Russian mass-media of the Caucasian subject, in particular the Circassian question, is impossible to name objective.

"Many analysts argue our people’s destiny; in general the have rather vague knowledge about Circassians and their history. We read at times that Circassians, Shapsugs and Kabardians are different people, and "Adygeya is near to Caucasus". It is difficult to carry on dialogue with such people; that is why your arrival here is a great plus for us".

During the meeting the chairman of Circassian congress depicted the situation developed around of the Circassian question. "3 million Circassians now live in more than 45 countries of the world. Circassians are divided administratively in Russia. Our unique purpose is rebirth of integrity of the Circassian ethnos on the historical native land. Today Adygs are consolidated by the idea of recognition of the genocide committed by the Russian state against our people in the XIX century.

We have chosen a legal way of solving our problem, and we do not demand immediate results. But they do not wish to dialogue with us. The Russian empire, and the Soviet Union, and Russian Federation ignored the Circassian question. Meanwhile for the solving of the problems of many peoples of Caucasus the law "About rehabilitation of subjected to repression peoples" was passed. In our opinion, the authorities wrongly try to solve the problems of Caucasus in break, forgetting that Caucasus is the one organism. It is impossible to solve, for example, the Abkhazian question separately from the Circassian one".

The member of the Council of Federation of the State Council of Russian Federation Vyacheslav Shverikas assumed that the authorities are scared of "statement of the question: genocide". Berzegov answered: "What can other term be used in relation to what happened to Circassians? We speak objectively, under the facts. We have sufficient package of the archival documents that we had sent the State Duma of Russian Federation, and the European Parliament.

And this problem is not alien to Russia. The Soviet Union actively participated in development of the law on genocide, and in 1995 Russia recognized the genocide against Armenians committed by Turkey, ratified corresponding international acts".

Jacov Gordin named Circassians’ destiny "deeply tragic". "But it is necessary to approach to recognition of this tragedy gradually - he continued. - The Russian society, unfortunately, barely knows what happened to Circassians. Even in the XIX century they named the Caucasian war "unknown"; it still remained today in the opinion of the majority of Russians. It is necessary to create corresponding information atmosphere. A series of analytical publications is needed.

Magazine "The Star" which I represent, though with limited circulation, but it is received in all large Russian and the world libraries. I am ready to cover this question with your help. But we must be ready to the forward, gradual solving".

Murat Berzegov answered that the problem exists over 140 years, there is an active assimilation of Circassians in the countries of their residing, and to tighten excessively the solving of the Circassian question would be inexpedient.

As a whole as the visitors and the representatives of Circassian congress estimated results of the meeting positive. "I think, this is not last meeting; henceforth we shall densely cooperate in the direction of unbiased interpretation of the Circassian question", - Jacov Gordin stated. The writer is going to stay in Adygeya till December 10th. During this time he plans to meet with the faculty and the students of the Adygeya state university, the historians, specializing on the problems of Adygs’ political history, to visit the National museum and to see of sights of Adygeya.

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