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In the Nalchik suburb - Hasania settlement - on October, 9th a referendum on definition of the local residents’ position to changing of the settlement’s status passed.

As IА REGNUM had earlier informed, according to the new territorially-administrative structure of Kabardino-Balkaria Hasania lost the status of independent municipal district and became a part of the Nalchik town district. However Balkarian population and the settlement’s municipal authorities opposed Hasania’s integration into Nalchik and demanded carrying out of a referendum for definition of the population opinion. The municipal authorities dated the first referendum on November, 2004 but it did not take place because of counteraction of Nalchik town authorities. After long proceedings next referendum was dated on May, 29th, 2005; however on May, 15th Arthur Zokaev, head of Hasania municipality (who supported its independence) had been shot dead near his house. Balkarian public regarded the murder of their leader as “ordered act”; a wave of protest meetings went through the republic. Investigation of Arthur Zokaev’s murder the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kabardino-Balkaria was engaged gave no results.

During the opposition of Kabardino-Balkarian authorities and inhabitants of settlement Hasania the parties repeatedly met in courts of various instances; though both Nalchik town court, and the Supreme court of Kabardino-Balkaria recognized Balkarians’ claims concerned preservation of independent status of Hasania, as illegal. At the moment the initiative group of inhabitants of Hasania settlement has addressed with a complaint to the Constitutional court of Russia with a requirement to reconsider the law "About general principles of local self-management", which restrains, in their opinion, territorial rights of Balkarian people.

Municipal authorities of Nalchik give reason for their position by the law on local self-management according to which suburban settlements should have lost independence and joined a town district. Mayor of Nalchik Hazirataly Berdov speaked in the local press with explanations which follows that four suburbs integrated in Nalchik, now had got a number of privileges and benefits from their integration with the republic capital. Including Hasania. The basic problem is the ethnic question. Balkarian population of Hasania considers integration into Nalchik not as a part of the administrative reform but as an infringement of national rights and freedom of Balkarian people which is minority in the republic. Balkarians are afraid of that integration with Nalchik would lead to Balkarians’ assimilation by Kabardians and to a loss of Balkarian territories.

The referendum was passing on the central square of Hasania near the building of the rural municipality. On the square there was a numerous congestion of people; urns and polling-booths were located inside a huge military tent. "The night before the referendum the town authorities sealed up all the polling-districts in Hasania, as they told us - for protection of the municipal property. Therefore yesterday we put a tent and prepared it for the referendum. And then, in order to prevent any provocations, about hundred of our youngters were on duty all night long on the square", - told the head of the initiative group of Hasanians Muharby Taurmurzaev. "In the midday we has testified that the referendum had taken place. Voters’ participation already made more than 50 percent, - continued a member of the municipal election committee Zulja Zhaboeva. - We had learnt by heart all the Russian laws concerned referendum and very carefully prepared in order not to make mistakes that could become in future a pretext for protest of our referendum’s results".

But the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Kabardino-Balkaria Boris Zumakulov did not share the opinion of his municipal colleague. Before the referendum in Hasania he had spoken in the local press with an appeal to the settlement’s population to boycott the referendum, which was an illegal action with results which would be unrecognized legitimate in any case.


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