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In Adygeya there is a tradition of visiting the Maykop cathedral mosque on the Muslim celebratory days – Uraza-Bayram and Kurban-Bayram – by representatives of the Adygeya Government and Maykop diocese. Together with the leadership of the Spiritual management of Moslems of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar Territory they gather in the mosque and address to the believers with greetings and congratulations.

But the believers in their majority do not support such actions. Congratulations are a part of the national culture and they are good. It is difficult to argue with that. But one congratulation differs from another. It can sometimes have humiliating and offensive character for the congratulated, and instead of arising of the feeling of pleasure and gratitude it could cause quite the other reaction, they consider.

Let's note that the tradition of congratulations of the Moslems by representatives of the republican government and Adygeya diocese had been born at the moment of the opening of the new mosque and since then it does not stop.

Annually in the Maykop mosque before the beginning of the celebratory namaz to congratulate the Moslems the minister of Internal Affairs, the minister of culture, archbishop Maykopsky and Adygheysky Panteleimon and other officials accompanied by numerous representatives of the mass-media gather.

Let's remind that all this ceremony is organized within the precincts of the mosque just when there comes time to perform the celebratory namaz praying for the sake of which the believers gathered.

However, instead of receiving good fortune of the Supreme Allah for performance of the celebratory pray and listening to hutba (sermon of the imam) in this day especially significant for the Moslems, they become involuntary participants of a secular campaign.

The Moslems express their gratitude for the congratulations they are addressed. But they consider the methods of such congratulations to be not correct, belittling the role of the valid attitude to the religious feelings of the Moslems.

The believers not once declared that to the mufti of Adygeya Republic Nurbiy Emizh. Discontent with the chosen method of congratulation of the Moslems was also heard by representatives of Maykop and Adygeya diocese. They have in turn exclaimed surprise by that the mufti had not informed them about such misunderstanding and incorrectness to which their visit to the mosque in the time of the celebratory namaz results.

Representatives of the diocese understand all the nuances to which their visit to the mosque in the time of the celebratory namaz can result. But, nevertheless, they would like to secure in that connection with an official note of the Spiritual management of Moslems.

Let's note that such style of congratulation on the Moslems’ holidays by the first persons of the state (if only they do not come to perform the celebratory namaz) and representatives of the orthodox diocese inside of the mosques, has no examples anywhere, except for the Maykop mosque.

The believers consider that those who really wish to congratulate the Moslems, can make it through press, TV and the electronic mass-media, not pushing the Moslems in inconvenient position during the celebratory namaz.

Edition of Adigeyaislam web-site congratulates all the Moslems of Adygeya and all over the world on the great holiday Kurban-Bayram. We ask the Supreme Allah to accept our entreaties, fasts, namazes, and hajj of those who had made it. We ask the Supreme Allah for our republic peace, the good, mutual understanding and prosperity.


Natpress joins all the congratulations of Adigeyaislam web-site on the bright holiday Kurban-Bayram
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