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When, if not now for Adygeya is it to think about its future with a hope? Now it is the boundary of years – the past and the present, change of the republican authority, when one head of the republic resign, and another comes to power. Besides, the holidays Uraza-Bayram and the Christian New Year actually coincided. Clearly that in such cases ‘to about the future with a hope’ it would be better with a fair share of scepticism.

And, nevertheless, Natpress offers the readers some abstracts from the program of the economic development of the republic of the newly appointed Adygeya president Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov. The abstracts from that program which in due time had been presented to the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. More precisely, not abstracts, and the final part of the program entitled by a prosaic word "Conclusions".

1. The program of the social and economic development of Adygeya Republic is directed on maintenance of real improvement of standards of life of the population of the republic. For the Adygeya population it is vital to overcome the economic and political crisis in the republic in the shortest time without any aggravating social consequences.

2. The new head of Adygeya should incur the political and moral responsibility for realization of the complex of measures on leading out the republic from the crisis, to restore trust of the population to the executive authority in the region.

3. At this stage it is especially important to generate an ideology and a strategy of development of Adygeya Republic, to give the certain reference points to the Adygeya inhabitants disappointed and tired of the long crisis. Modernization in the economy can be implemented in rather easy way and without serious consequences for the population under condition of formation of corresponding socially-psychological imperatives in the public consciousness.

4. Efficient management of the region assumes the orientation to result. Tasks should be precisely put in time and placed on the priorities. For effective realization of the powers at the regional level it is necessary to provide introduction of the modern methods of management. The federal authorities should have the objective information on the situation in the subject.

5. The year 2007 should become defining for Adygeya Republic by way of creation of preconditions for its future economic growth. The program of the social and economic development of Adygeya Republic, considered for the nearest five years, is supposed to provide high rates of the economic growth, and to increase the standards of living of the population.

The strategy of attraction of investments according to which the list of priority investment projects of Adygeya Republic is formed, was developed for these purposes.

Besides it is necessary the prospective planning which can be reached by creation of the uniform system of the long-term comprehensive planning covering all the levels of the state and the municipal authorities, all the branches of economy and the social sphere.

6. During the present period one of the priority problems is optimization of functioning of the republican control system.

7. Now the rise of economy of Adygeya Republic in fact depends on development of the three branches - agriculture, the process industry and tourism; and tourism can develop high rates and provide fast results. Solving of the existing problems in the economy and the social sphere demands the complex programmed approach.

8. Improvement of the social and economic situation in the region can be promoted through solving of one of the acutest problems - the demographic question. It is necessary to provide realization of the program of the birth rate stimulation in Adygeya.

9. One of the basic ecological problems of Adygeya Republic demanding the immediate solving is liquidation of the negative influence of the Krasnodar water basin. Solving of this problem means coming out of the limits of the own opportunities of the republic, has inter-regional value and demands the federal support.
10. It is necessary to notify the special importance of the project of construction of the federal automobile line Moscow - Dagomys which implementation will allow getting rid of the transport isolability of Adygeya Republic and will permit to use tourist-recreational potential of the republic the most effectively.

The project is not only strategically significant, but also economically proved: construction of such federal road across the territory of Adygeya will demand considerably smaller investments, than across territory of Krasnodar Territory.


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