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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
Российская Федерация
Соединенные Штаты Америки
Ни та, ни другая

Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
On the New Year’s Eve some kind of ‘exchange of courtesies’ between the new coming authority of the republic (which cannot come yet) and the last one (which does not hurry up to resign) took place.

At first the newly appointed president of Adygeya Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov held a press conference at which he named the economic situation in the republic pitiable. Then with a reciprocal press conference the government acted and declared that the next Adygeya administration would begin working not on an empty place, and ‘with support on the healthy social, economic and financial bases.

There are two opposite opinions. Which one is to trust?..

But that is not the most amazing thing. We remember the first interviews of the second Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen right after his political victory 5 years ago. He spoke practically the same that now is told by Tkhakushinov. The main donor areas of the republic should become Maykopsky and Takhtamukaysky areas. In that the both presidents agreed.

A difference is insignificant. Sovmen in addition to tourism and the road construction project (Dagomys – Maykop) said that only the woods of Maykopsky area should give 1 billion rubles a year to the republican budget. As to Takhtamukaysky area here development of economy should be in connection to the Adygheysky canning combine – the largest in the south of Russia – and vegetable growing of the area focused on the processing capacity of that combine.

What happened to all that is very well known, too.

After some reflections – and practically the whole timber felling and its processing were in the hands of the people of the previous republican president Aslan Dzharimov’s team – Sovmen has forbidden the industrial felling. That decree operates so far, as though explaining why in Adygeya that branch of economy ceased to exist.

There is another story about the canning combine. It was in the pre-bankrupt situation when a Moscow firm decided to redeem its stock shares. Not, certainly, to maintain its capacities but to sell out all the equipment and to use its territory. The matter was that that territory (Jablonovsky settlement) though is situated and in Adygeya, but still is closer to the center of Krasnodar, than any microdistrict of the city.

It is practically right in the geographical city centre – you have only to cross the bridge over Kuban river, which is absolutely near. And the prices for those lands are considerably below even the suburban prices of the regional center as it is another subject of the federation. And if liquidation of the republic (about which they spoke) takes place then the purchase of the combine will enrich "investors" and in the event that they do not stir a finger.

Sovmen ‘intercepted’ and redeemed its control share holding. Then he transferred (certainly, not free-of-charge) the integrated plant to the area municipal property. But then it turned out that it was impossible to develop the vegetable growing in the area.

That was found out the next way. In one of his arrivals to the small native land – Cis-Kuban Shapsugia (auls Afipsip, Panahes, Pseytuk and Hashtuk) – the president offered his fellow countrymen: you grow up vegetables, basically cabbage. I can supposedly organize your cabbage’s transportation and its selling in Moscow. The mayor of the capital Jury Luzhkov is my friend. Shapsugs agreed and had grown up the crop. Sovmen sent the waggons, and the trucks drove to Moscow.

But the first party was recognized unsuitable to food because of the high maintenance in it of the poisonous chemical gases. The problem was not that the fellow countrymen of the president were overzealous with the fertilizers, but … in the Krasnodar water basin.

It had been already tens years the water basin was "working" as a big sediment bowl of those poisonous gases. Somewhere, for example, in the upper Kuban river they filled chemical fertilizers, their rests would be washed down in the water basin. They keep as they say ‘on the water’. Besides, the substances initiate chemical reactions with other similar substances, forming something absolutely unimaginable.

That was what the people’s health defenders revealed in Moscow. That was what finished Sovmen’s plans to reanimate the Adygheysky canning combine.

There should be a passing question here. Why supposedly do not the Krasnodar sanitary-epidemiological services find out those poisonous gases? The answer is simple: they "have not found out", because "from above" it is more visible to notice that or not. But the fact remains the same: it is better to not use in food milk of a cow that has eaten a grass grown in the territory of Takhtamukaysky and Teuchezhsky areas. Not only, say, rice grown up there.

To be continued, Natpress, Aslan Shazzo
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