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But let’s return to the second president’s activities.

Actually Sovmen made a huge influence on the Adygeya economy, especially on its industrial branch, with only one his arrival. Then the Maykop machine-building and Redactor factories which during the Sovmen’s presidency formed the basis of the republican economy, were only growing, therefore remained outside of any politics. There was “Kartontara” as though outside of any politics, then the most powerful budget-forming enterprise.

"As though" because it was headed by the Russians (at first by Valentine Hramov, then Vladimir Samozhenkov), and it was a question of the presidential elections in Adygeya whom, it was meant, only an Adyg could be. And despite of the high rating of the leader of "Union of Slavs” Nina Konovalova (who exposed then her nominee in spite of the fact that Michael Chernichenko - then Maykop mayor - also proposed his candidature) i.e.

“Kartontara” participated in those elections, but not very much.

The other thing was the ‘Adygeyan’ enterprises: the Maykop confectionery factory, the Distillery, the Beverage factory, the firm "Sana", the Beer factory. Not very large, they during the elective campaign had tried to resist to Sovmen’s capitals. For that purpose they were not afraid to get into very heavy debts.

Then, when Sovmen had won all the same, the heads of those enterprises decided: the new president would not allow us to work any way, so, while we are not displaced yet, we should take advantage of the moment. They made new debts– already for themselves on "rainy day".

Only Murat Bibov, the head of “Sana” did not do that. Despite of the rigid "attack" of Sovmen’s team, he had defended the enterprise and now it works, and is developing. The others ‘fell into stopper’. The blessing was that was not for ever. The proprietors were replaced, and the enterprises, apparently, began coming to life. But 5 years ‘from a call up to a call’ they did not work.

In this connection we shall offer you a sketch, probably, instructive, about the Beverage factory which is now called ‘The Drinkable House’.

The Open Company the beverage factory «Maykopsky», was in the stage of bankruptcy since September, 2002, but managed to show its viability. By results of 2003 the factory increased volume of manufacture 370 %, and the first half-year of 2005 in comparison to the previous period of 2004 - 220 %. The factory had transferred during the period of its bankruptcy to the budgets of all the levels near 82 million rubles.

In 2003 the enterprise used 3 million rubles of the credit from the republican budget which had been in due time returned in the sum of 3,8 million rubles.

And owing to that credit, so insignificant for the factory’s scales, the enterprise ‘came to life’. In the beginning of 2004 after 16 months of the external management the administration again sent a letter to the Adygeya president with the offer to redeem the factory for the republican or other property, or to allocate 15-25 million rubles of new credits.

The price mentioned by the appraisers for the enterprise as operating – 15 million rubles. Necessity of the credit was proved with the fears that ‘about 100 million rubles the factory cannot independently extinguish for the creditor obligations in the terms fixed by the federal law “About inconsistency (bankruptcy)".

In spite of the fact that the enterprise was refused (by the three republican ministries: finance, economy and agriculture), after a while it completely restored its solvency, paid off the debts, including the salaries, the procedure of bankruptcy was stopped. The factory got a new proprietor, in February, 2005 it was bought by a Krasnodar businessman (in due time he headed the ministry of economic development and trade of the republic) Aslan Hashir.

And though since that moment the production cycle had not renewed; the legal work was conducted; the business strategy of the enterprise was reconsidered; development and adoption of the business-project which, on the plan of its authors, should provide the economic breakthrough incorporated in the potential of the factory; they began reequipping the enterprise.

But there was a new obstacle. At one of the sittings of the republican Cabinet Sovmen said: “Why have you sold the factory to Hashir? I wished to buy this factory for myself”. So they started a new "attack" … to be not too verbose, we shall only tell that that was not-one-day struggle, and "the attack" was stopped not by the Office of Public Prosecutor or other state body, but the public which declared that otherwise they would promulgate the facts in the federal mass-media.

Well, and not making this story seem too uncompleted, we shall note that the Joint-Stock Company "Kartontara" got in the pre-bankrupt condition for the other reason, but still connected with the Adygeya second president. A cardboard, as you know, is basically made of wood, and the Sovmen’s decree about interdiction on industrial timber felling should affect the activity the enterprise.

To be continued, Natpress, Aslan Shazzo
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