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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру
We’ve overlooked one enterprise (about which, surely, the second president not always remembered, too) that always remains in "his" team’s sight. That is the Giaginsky sugar factory – now a property of a certain firm from St.-Petersburg. "Attacks" against the owners of that enterprise had been regular at the first president; they were not stopped at the second either.

The factory worked only one year from among the 5 years of Sovmen’s ruling and within that year it transferred into the republican budget by only the custom charges nearby 300 million rubles that was quite a lot.

During the last years, as much as it could be judged, the enterprise’s owners talked about purchasing of the lands for development of their own beet-growing – using the import raw vegetables it is not too profitable to produce sugar not– however they seemed to not manage to solve that question, too.

But in exchange for that Sovmen was engaged in the large projects’ implementation. And, maybe, that was his main mistake.

It in the deadlines he had built up houses for people after the awful flooding of 2002. He had constructed not just time dwellings, as it was in the other regions, but capital ones. He also built up the basic part of the social infrastructure: schools, preschool establishments, hospitals, and so on. He had constructed gas and water lines. You shouldn’t doubt that if it wasn’t Sovmen, consequences of that disaster would affect till nowadays.

He just had not done "a small thing": restoration, for example, of the Hatukay canning combine, so people from the houses with all convenience go to work to the next Ust-Labinsk town (Krasnodar Territory) which has quite enough wishing to earn without such ‘strangers’.

He allocated for agriculture a 100-million interest-free credit. You can add to that the tractors and the combines he bought. Owing to those ‘single’ actions the Adygeya agriculture exists so far. Certainly the agriculture does not develop, just goes gradually on a loss – moves as though by inertia, but "the speed" of that movement is rather high for a while.

Clearly the "interest-free" credit appeared to be not absolutely ‘interest-free’.

Officials explained to Sovmen that there are thieves all around, and to prevent the peasants from plundering money, he should give them the commodity credits. Therefore they bought fertilizers, fuels, and so on which were distributed among the farmers. But the prices for them appeared to be higher, than in retail.

That meant, if under the laws of commerce wholesale delivery should be cheaper, minimum, 30 % (depending on standard item the percent can be higher) for Adygeya officials that law turned out to be "written" just what isn't needed. Besides, they spent for only distribution of the credits 25 million rubles more.

In relation to the tractors and the combines there was approximately the same scheme. They were issued under not existed prices, i.e. bought more dearly, than on sale. In addition they one year worked on the fields of Krasnodar territory, paying out their cost.

Did someone pay for those frauds? Yes, indeed. If only it can be named ‘payment’. Sovmen once again named everybody thieves and dismissed those who were engaged in those illegal issues. But the Adygeya peasants had been compelled to fill in the cash department not 100 million rubles, and 125 million rubles. And for the tractors and the combines they had to pay the all-round prices, as for the new machinery. Plus what the republican officials had stolen.

It is necessary to note that our peasants are far not the ‘angels’. They were ready ‘to snip off their pieces’, and tried to do that. But far from it, officials appeared to be quicker. There was the situation when the peasants became stubborn: “we shall not pay off the credits, as Sovmen won’t be much poorer anyway”. But in that situation either Sovmen, and "his" team, and even the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Office of Public Prosecutor appeared to be allies.

There were also other grandiose projects: construction of a mountain-skiing complex on Lago-Naki plateau, Maykop – Dagomys road construction, elimination of the negative consequences of the Krasnodar water basin.

But we shall not write about them in detail as energy and means for them Sovmen has spent much, and there was still no result. We shall only tell: those projects remained unimplemented; and the fair share of the fault is belong not to the federal center, the SFD or Krasnodar territory, and to nonprofessionalism and bribability of "the team" of Sovmen himself.

To be continued, Natpress, Aslan Shazzo

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