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But let’s talk not about Sovmen but about Tkhakushinov. Yet we know about him much lesser. The Maykop state technological university (MSTU) –is really reminded of the certain separate world arranged considerably better, than the rest Adygeya. And, certainly, if in 5 years the republic reaches the same level of respectability what will we wish more?

However already today Tkhakushinov (as in due time Sovmen) is said: the management of the university and the management of the republic are far not the same things. Of course they mean that Tkhakushinov will have not managed to fulfill the president’s duties. But, it seems that even those who speak that would wish him to manage all the same. And who else, if not he?

Actually, all the previous conversation was about that: who would? But before starting this theme let’s characterize though fluently and with errors, what the MSTU is.

It was formed in 1993 on the basis of the former Soviet technical schools: the automobile and timber-proceeding which had two buildings situated opposite to each other.

It was Tkhakushinov who undertook their reorganization. And from the very beginning the transformed institute was met by many people spitefully. It is necessary to consider that by then in Maykop there had been already an institute – the Adygeya state pedagogical institute. So the two institutes for Maykop and the whole Adygeya seemed to be inadmissible luxury.

On that wave they not once lifted the question about the institutes’ association. Certainly, under the aegis of the Adygeya state pedagogical institute. Any of such campaigns, especially, if they encounter similar resistance, as a rule, are accompanied by ‘face-to-face’ financial activity checks. And, "oxygen" is simultaneously ‘blocked’; serious personal persecution is also conducted. And that was a usual practice both by Djarimov and Sovmen.

The last check of such kind in the MSTU had been undertaken by the second Adygeya president’s team in connection with that Tkhakushinov declared about his will to change Sovmen on the presidential post.

That did not give ‘the needed’ results. But the seriousness of Sovmen’s intentions shows, say, that despite of arguments’ lacking, at the last meeting with the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, according to "Kommersant" newspaper, the second Adygeya president named Tkhakushinov a thief.

And, probably, here we need to make some reservation. All the aforesaid about the financial checks should not be perceived as a proof of that in the MSTU there is no corruption. It can testify only that the documentation of the university is conducted up to the mark that means much, too.

Today the MSTU is a big educational center, with 11 faculties educating over 10 thousand students, incorporating a medical institute, a branch of the Academy of security, defense, law and order. Its territories are scattered across the whole Maykop town; it also consists of the educational institutions of lower level, supplied by various industrial shops, cafe, shops, etc. which, probably, allow to survive during the hard times.

In the university they also engaged in computer technology development; yet we do not know whether they have any commercial basis. The university also has branches, for example, in Jablonovsky settlement - practically in Krasnodar.

In the republic there are other such ‘oases’, still, lesser remarkable. This should install some hopes anyway.

We may also add that Tkhakushinov and his command managed to make very serious document: “The Program of Social and Economic Development of Adygeya Republic”. It was presented to Putin and they suppose that decided the destiny of the president’s post’s succeeding.

Because of its volume we won’t publish that program in full text; we had published only "Conclusions". We shall tell only about our "hurt points" and the already mentioned – people who should implement this or other economic program. As just the program says very avariciously about it. However, the program is stated in the form of theses; therefore, probably, Tkhakushinov’s command has correspondent details worked out well.

To be continued, Natpress, Aslan Shazzo
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