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So, let’s mention the problem of the staff which, according to an ancient saying, ‘decides everything’. In the new republican president’s program though it was spoken, it is mentioned a little. However, in good phrases, but besides – too generally.

For example: “Only having gathered a command of the progressive managers, capable to implement the system of anti-recessionary measures and create favorable conditions for attraction of investments, it is possible to provide the real economic growth and found the basis for the future development of the republic”.

Or another abstract: “… in order to make Adygeya real economically successful region attractive for investors, at first the inhabitants of the republic should see that could have been done”.

In fact the problem consists of the simplest thing. For example, we shall take Sovmen’s very first decree about interdiction on industrial wood felling. Whether the president was right, having signed that decree? Certainly, he was, because the basic part of profit of the wood felling disappeared for the state budget. Besides “under axe” there were given the most unique and the most valuable box groves.

But let’s look at it from another point of view. Will be Tkhakushinov right if his first decree cancels the decision of his predecessor? Certainly, he will be right, because of that interdiction the republic had lost many of its incomes. But also, many trees that should to be cut down for a long time, lose the better qualities, remaining on their roots.

In other words, everything will depend on the executors of such new decree.

It happened that on the wave of the threat of the republic’s liquidation practically all alive forces of Adygeya (first of all, we mean Adygs) in this spring became members of the parliament.

There are not too numerous – in total 26 person. But those who (from among the worth people) aspired to become a deputy, and for whatever reasons could not win the elections, are even lesser. Besides the majority of those who today are among the deputies, has a little political operational experience.

Certainly, Tkhakushinov will take someone from among the republican deputies in his own team. For example, he has already appointed the prime minister Vladimir Samozhenkov. He also wants to appoint somewhere the other deputy of the State Soviet-Khase Ramazan Bedanokov. He persuaded to head the Ministry of Economics his colleague Vyacheslav Sapiev. To the Agency under investments he gave one more deputy: Ghissa Baste.

But would it be the members of the parliament enough?

As a whole the above told means that he will have to take fairly shabby "pack" of the former republican nomenclature in which there never were "asses" and never could be as well as "kings", and "ladies". There were one only "sixes".

And now, having recollected it, we shall return to the wood problem. It is told too a little about it in Tkhakushinov’s program: that “reconstruction and modernization of the enterprises of the timber and wood-proceeding industry”, among other directions, “has defining value for development of the entire industry of Adygeya Republic”.

But we know in addition to it that the prime minister will be Samozhenkov, who, besides that being a deputy, was also the president of the Joint-Stock Company "Kartontara". And the cardboard, as it is known, is basically made of wood. That is, the conclusion comes, the industrial wood felling will be permitted again.

Whether but it will be guaranteed that it gives due profit and preserves the mentioned box even under condition of faultlessness of the works of Tkhakushinov and Samozhenkov? Certainly, it won’t. The chain functioning up to its final part, is needed.

Similar chain which consists, though, not of faultlessly fair, but nevertheless businessmen as we might believe, Tkhakushinov has on each economic direction of the university he headed. But, firstly, all that mechanism was created nearly 15 years. Secondly, now it is the question of not a high school, and about the whole republic.

Here again we involuntarily recollect the words of those who already today consider that the new president of Adygeya will achieve nothing. And how Tkhakushinov could manage to get all that together, we, fairly to tell, still do not know. Unless to concentrate the best forces in one direction... We shall tell that remembering that any results visible for the whole republic actually it is possible to achieve only that way.

However, the staff is the problem not only republican; it has the all-Russian scale.

To be continued, Natpress, Aslan Shazzo
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