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Recognition of the Supreme court of Adygeya as invalid the position of the republican law of Adygeya “About education” of 2000, establishing the obligatory learning of Adygeyan language by the schooling Adygs caused a great resonance not only among the public of Adygeya, but also all over the Adygeyan Diaspora of the world and the next republics.

As the president of the Worldwide Circassian brotherhood Zamir Shuhov declared:

“In this action we see an obvious substitution of concepts “the right for free choice in learning of a language" and "the right for learning of the native language”. Item 2, clause 6 of the Federal law of Russian Federation “About education” protects not only the right for leaning of the native language, but also says about the right to get the basic general education in the native language.

Therefore it is not clear, how obligatory learning of Adygeyan language by the schooling Adygs can be "an infringement and a restriction of the rights of the citizens in relation their language and the national identities" when it is the question of their native language? In such case on what basis do they organize learning of the foreign languages, such as English included into the obligatory program of the majority of the general educational establishments in the “imperative” order?”, - the WCB president asked.

“The principle of the state policy in the field of education, - he said further, - as we suppose should be protection and development of the education system of the national cultures, the regional cultural traditions and the features in the conditions of the multinational state; (item 2, clause 2 of the Law of Russian Federation “About education”).

In the verdict of the Supreme Court of Adygeya it is possible to see a contradiction: it rejects protection of the state language of Adygeya Republic – Adygeyan. And, the national culture cannot develop in the high-grade way without the native language”, - Shuhov pointed.

“According to item 4, clause 14 of the Law of Russian Federation “About education”, - the WCB president continued his analysis, - the essence of education should promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the peoples, irrespective of any racial, national, ethnic, religious and social status, to consider a variety of the world outlook approaches”.

“Exception of teaching of Adygeyan language on the obligatory basis for the schooling Adygs out from the law “About education”, - Shuhov considers, - will seriously strike the preservation of the language as a phenomenon”.

“Representatives of the Worldwide Circassian brotherhood are categorically against cancelling of the obligatory learning of the Adygeyan language in the general educational institutions of Adygeya Republic; this question should be if necessary considered at the level of the republican leadership”, - the leader of the organization emphasized.

“We hope, - the WCB president remarked, - that the Ministry of education and sciences of Adygeya Republic will approach in extremely serious way to the question of protection of the Adygeyan language and will prepare a bill guaranteeing it. Besides, the ministry should develop a curriculum the next academic year with a lot of hours for learning of the native language at schools, for elimination of "mass ignorance of the native language” by the young generation of Adygs.

As you know, the bodies of the government, state structures controlling education and the institutions of the local government have not right to change the curriculum and the educational schedule of the civil educational establishment after their approving (item 2, clause 15 of the Law of Russian Federation “About education”)”.

The mullions-strong Adygeyan Diaspora looks at the historical native land in hope in due course to return on the land of the ancestors, to support their people, culture, traditions and native language.

Because of such state of affairs returning of Adygs - repatriates to their home becomes not only extremely complicated, but also becomes practically impossible - at gradual disappearance of the Adygeyan language and incessant pressure against statehood of Adygeya Republic”, - the president of the Worldwide Circassian brotherhood Zamir Shuhov ascertained in summary.

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