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Everyone, who tries to analyze the situation, converge in one: the trip to Jordan of the presidents Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov and Arsen Kanokov is not an ordinary event. That is a historic and (in the opinion of the majority of the appraisers) simultaneously a tragical event.

The statement that event is not ordinary, likely, will not cause someone’s objection. For the first time for over 140 years of their living outside the historical Native land Adygs had met at the state level with one of its diasporas.

To apprehend correctly and to characterize the state of affairs, we suppose necessary to recollect some things directly concerning that.

The first pertinent thing here is to quote the words of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin at the public forum of the peoples of Caucasus and South of Russia (Sochi of March 26, 2004). At that forum, we remind, there were the presidents of Adygeya and Kabardino-Balkaria Khazret Sovmen and Valery Kokov.

"Now as are never we need political will of the leaders of the regions and initiatives of citizens, businessmen, the whole public, - Putin said then. – We need novelty and boldness of your approaches, development of viable and absolutely concrete economic projects. And, certainly, it is extremely important for us your wide interregional cooperation. We mean expansion of business contacts, both in the federal district, and with diasporas of the Caucasian peoples in the other territories of the country and abroad".

However, as we remember, neither Sovmen, nor Kokov considered necessary to take advantage of that offer. Whether they were sure that one thing is spoken, and quite the other should be done, or initially they were ready to do only the other things. In Adygeya, in particular, the point seemed to be the last way - "to do only other things". Anyway, after any mentioning about investors, first of all Adygeyan, Sovmen always repeated - "why do you investors, when you have me?"

Anyway there can not be a doubt that they should have checked up Putin’s words. It seemed very much that that statement was similar to Eltsin’s one - "let them take as much sovereignty as they can “swallow". The difference of Putin’s statement could be in its little greater accent on economy and more precise. Well, certainly, they will put a spoke in your wheel, that is the country we live in, but you work, if you can.

Let's notify in addition, that statement was made by the head of the state before addressing of the Adygeyan public to the international instances. Though it is considered that ostensibly the present indulgences in the national policy of Russia are the result of the pressure of the European structures on the Kremlin. But if to analyze the problem from such point of view, we must admit that such pressure should have some value, but still not so vital.

In this approach we may consider the present trip of the presidents to Jordan. Russia needed to sign with Jordan the contracts, favourable to the Kremlin. Russia needed some background for that purpose; so such background was created by means of the three Northern Caucasian presidents and the delegations accompanied them. And as to them - i.e. the presidents and the diasporas, they were supposed to think of that benefit that could be taken from that situation.

However one the other party - the Jordanian - has thought of that. It’s been a long time since it thinks over that problem, and by arrival of the visitors it had stated the ideas on paper. But the stated appeared to be unexpected for the presidents. Though, on the other hand, we know that for them the invitation to participate in the Russian delegation and the trip were unexpected, too.

What results it had, it is understandable. The Adygeyan presidents declared that the requirements of the Diaspora were rigid, and they, the leaders of the republics needed one year to analyze the text, to bring changes into it and to present the new variant of the text to the president of Russian Federation.

From all that, at the end, we have only one conclusion – the Adygeyan community (as nobody would deny that the presidents are its part, but also head it) is not quite capable to accept the little that Russia is ready to give for today.

But we shall not be too pessimistic, as the Adygeyan community develops rather quickly. By considerably higher rates, than even two - three years ago. And if so, the leaders will be compelled to correspond to such rate.

And the last thing is about whether we should perceive the occurred as a tragedy. The Russians would let it easier, and say: the first try is not always lucky.

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