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The republican social movement “Adyghe Khase” is against celebration of the 150th anniversary of Maykop town foundation and the 450th anniversary of Adygeya’s voluntary association with the Russian state. That was declared at the session of the Council of the organization on February 22nd, Caucasian unit correspondent informed. In connection with that decision they will prepare two statements and send them to the Adygeya capital administration and to the president of the republic.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Maykop town foundation there were especially many protest performances at the sitting. The vice-president of the executive committee of the organization Mamet Edidji, for example, pointed:

“It is important that the authority would tell precisely what they assume to celebrate. We can commemorate date when in the local places first human settlements appeared. That would be one date. If to speak about the time when the settlements got town status that will be the other date. As if to the May, 1857 as the date of Maykop foundation that is the period when the soldiers of the imperial army got under their control this territory”.

And if to celebrate that circumstance, Edidji explained, they will have to wait for the time when Adygs will start celebrating their own date of the town foundation. That, in its turn, will mean, the vice-president notified in conclusion, that the Maykop administration caused an interethnic disagreement in the republic.

In another speech it was said that, actually, the present date of Maykop town foundation had been certain in the days of the communistic regime. Therefore they shouldn’t blame only the present authorities. And never that celebrating – especially anniversaries – passed smoothly. For example, practically there was not a festival in occasion of the 140th anniversary of Maykop town foundation.

And now it is necessary to firmly declare their position – Adygs will not participate in the celebrations.

A conciliatory proposal was expressed – the city status during the new times was given to Maykop in 1870. That date will not cause tearing away among the indigenous population of Adygeya.

The statement on that date will be send to the address of Maykop mayor Nicolay Pivovarov and the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. During working out of that document it was recommended to use the article of the local historian-archeologist Nurbiy Lovpache “To the History of Maykop Foundation. The Most Ancient One…

In that article, we shall remind, there was information about the Maykop stone plate on which it was scripted about foundation of the fortress of Ajje in the territory of modern Maykop 3200 years ago. Decoding of that inscription was done by Leningrad scientist George Turchaninov and Nurbiy Lovpache himself.

The position on celebrating the 450th anniversary of Adygeya’s association with the Russian state had not caused disagreements, too. They protested against the formulation, as they told at the session. Members of the Council in their speeches reminded that 10 years ago the academic council of Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches had held the special expanded session with invitation of the scientists-historians of the Northern Caucasus, and experts of the Russian academy of sciences. At that session it was declared that the events of those years with all their historical importance could not be considered as connection or association. That was creation of a military-political union.

Considering that, the Council of “Adyghe Khase” charged to the writers of the statement to use the documents developed then. It was also recommended to use the article of the master of historical degree Samir Hotko “To the 450th Anniversary of Creation of the Military-political Union of Russia and Circassia”, published recently. The statement will be addressed to the republican president.

At the session of the Council the question of the Olympiad-2014 was also mentioned. It was sounded by the triple world champion on sambo-wrestling, the deserved trainer of the USSR and Russian Federation Arambiy Hapay. The voting defined that the Council of the organization is not going to oppose carrying out of the action in Sochi. However, as Hapay notified, the Russian management (and if the place of carrying out is Sochi – the whole world) should know, on whose historical land the Olympiad will take place.

Just like in Sydney the main theme of the Olympic symbolics were the natives of Australia, in Sochi in the center of the cultural programs there should be Adygs (Circassians), the deserved trainer considered. They should concentrate attention of the federal center on the distressful question of Maykop-Dagomys road construction, and building up of a reserve mountain-skiing base on Lago-Naki plateau where the climatic conditions are not less favorable for it, than on the Red Glade.

That offer was entrusted for carrying out to its author.

Let's remind, the Red Glade is the place of signing of capitulation of the Circassian organized resistance. That capitulation was accepted by the imperial generals on May 21st, 1864. After that the mass deportation of the local population to the Ottoman Empire took place. The isolated resistance of the local residents proceeded several tens years longer.

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