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By results of the interrogation led in Maykopsky and Ghiaginsky areas of Adygeya, over 70 % of voters do not believe that after the elections on March 11th their life could change for the better. The head of the republican public association "Voice" - created for monitoring of the elections - Vladimir Karatayev informed that in the conversation with the “Caucasian unit” correspondent. As he said, such interrogation had been spent 4 years ago - then before the elections over 50 % of voters did not believe that, too.

Not that only those people who are not going to vote (or those who would vote "against all") do not believe in their better future, the leader of the association explained. Many of those people would go to the elections - because their friends had asked them to vote for someone - but, having done that, they would remain being sure that their position would not change to the best.

Thus Karatayev emphasized that the interrogations of "Voice" association did not apply for completeness as a plenty of people was not interrogated. Besides he said, this time the association had not put the task for implementation of the whole complex of measures usually carried out during the elections.

Karatayev also told that the present elections – to the Council of People's Deputies of the municipal formations and to the post of some heads of the area administrations of Adygeya – had already demonstrated that the public organizations play the lesser role in the elective processes. As it reminded, actually they have no right to participate in the elections. But only at the stage of promotion of candidates. And agitation for someone had not been forbidden yet.

However, during the "Duma’s" elections it is already impossible to do that.

The head of "Voice" explained such position of the public organizations in the elections not only with changes in the legislation. Elections, in his opinion, become more and more alike "a competition of financial opportunities". And as the public organizations as a rule do not have great means, their participation is reduced to minimum. Even when the forthcoming elections are connected to the institutions of local government where the opinion of the public, apparently, should be especially significant.

"That means that further we move on the way of development of so-called democratic procedures, - Karatayev said, - farther the public appears to be away from the authorities".

As to the political parties, for today they are not parties in full understanding of the word, the head of the association considered. They do not have any distinct ideology or clear program of actions. Therefore, he stated, frequently they could observe different groupings of one party struggling with each other; and as a whole during elections there is no competition between the parties. And especially it is demonstrated by "United Russia".

Such struggle is conducted not only among the candidates to the local bodies, but also among candidates for post of heads of area administration. As an example Karatayev named Maykopsky area where two groupings of "United Russia" promote their own separate candidates for the post of the head of the area administration.

In Karatayev's opinion, a plenty of voters considers elections as something similar to sports. "If there is "our" man among the candidates, - it told, - then we shall go to the elections and vote for him. Or, say, "our" man got the best, and that is good already in itself".

Another part of the population –not very small, too - will be simply bribed by money or vodka, Karatayev stated. Now, according to the association’s information, to the rural settlements vodka is delivered in lots.

Let's remind, on March 11th in Adygeya elections to the Council of People's Deputies of the municipal formations of the republic, and the heads of the four areas – Takhtamukaysky, Krasnogvardeysky, Ghiaginsky and Maykopsky - will pass. Adygeya capital - Maykop - will not participate in the elections. There the town deputies and the mayor will be elected in December of this year.

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