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Public organizations of Adygeya condemn the crimes committed on March 4th in Maykop and Belorechensk (Krasnodar territory) - pogrom of gambling houses, but at the same time they consider that the unpleasant incident had been provoked with law infringements of the gambling clubs, as well as inactivity of the law enforcement bodies in relation to them. Such resolution was born today at the joint sitting of the public organizations of the republic invited by the leadership of the movement “Adyghe Khase”.

In the discussion representatives of the executive bodies, legislature of the republic, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygeya took part. The vice-president of the republican “Adyghe Khase” executive committee, the vice-president of the International Circassian association Nalbiy Guchetl conducted the session. He asked, in particular, the first deputy minister of internal affairs Asker Tlehatuk to bring explanatories in relation to the incident as nobody from among the gathered did not have any trustworthy information.

According to the deputy minister, the pogrom was organized by youth of Maykop at 4-5 p.m. on March 4th. The attack was committed against 10 gambling clubs in Maykop and 4 in next Belorechensk. In the attack, on preliminary data, approximately 130 people participated. They moved by cars totaled about 28.

In the gambling houses one-arm bandits, windows, doors, mirrors and other equipment were broken. The caused damage is yet not counted up; by now they detained 10 men in relation to whom criminal proceedings were instituted.

There are applications of owners of the attacked gambling clubs and their attendants; according to Tlehatuk, some of the crushed houses were plundered.

The chief of the Security council at the Adygeya president Hizir Chich mentioned in his speech, that investigation of the incident had been taken under the personal control of the head of the republic Aslan Tkhakushinov. That means in particular, he explained, the president would be reported on the course of the investigation daily.

The vice-president of the republican “Adyghe Khase” executive committee reminded the gathered that in connection with the gambling business in the republic the public organizations of Adygeya had held a meeting in August of the last year approximately in the same structure. The present then deputies of the State Soviet-Khase were addressed with the request to formulate a legislative initiative on prohibition or significant restriction of that kind of business. The corresponding law was adopted in October of the same year, Guchetl underlined.

With the explanatory concerned the law they listened to the chairman of committee of the State Soviet-Khase of republic under legislation and legality Anatoly Osokin. As he said, total interdiction of gambling had been at that time impossible as it would have contradicted the federal legislation. Therefore the parliament could use only restrictions. And they did it.

So, according to Osokin, in Adygeya the gambling clubs could be opened only in the towns – Maykop and Adygheysk. They can work only at night - from 11 p.m. till 6 a.m. such clubs could be opened only in the capital constructions with not the smaller "working" area, with not smaller remoteness from the educational institutions, than it was specified in the law, and so on. Those republican innovations for today are confirmed by the federal law, the head of the parliamentary committee told in addition.

“In short, - the deputy of the State Soviet-Khase Adam Bogus summed up the speech of his colleague, - every gambling institution of the republic mismatches the stated standards, and all of them should have been closed several months ago. So it means that the crime has been provoked by inactivity of the authorities”.

Thus Bogus emphasized that he did not mean to justify the thugs. But still they should not state unsubstantially that during the pogroms there were robberies. Under his data there were not. That was, he stated, a social protest of the youth. And the youth had declared that problem not once, but was not heard, the deputy emphasized.

At the session they formed a public commission on interaction with investigatory bodies engaged in that case. The present deputies were offered to initiate parliamentary hearings to which representatives of the executive structures of authority and management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygeya would be invited to report on that incident. They also decided to address to the Adygeya president, the speaker of the republican parliament with declaration of the public position.

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