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In Adygeya the basis for creation on the political arena of the second powerful party is ready. That conclusion was made by Vladimir Karatayev, the head of the public association "Voice" that had been monitoring the process of the elections on March 11th, Caucasus Times correspondent informed.

In the opinion of the head of "Voice", that circumstance was caused by that present elections, especially in relation to the heads of the area administrations, had split both the political elite, and “United Russia” - the political party formally united that republican elite.

Not the last role, in the opinion of the leader of "Voice" was played by that the Adygeya authority on behalf of its president had not demonstrated sympathies in any way. That, on the one hand, caused rather fair competition among the candidates that was rather good in itself. But there is also the other party, Karatayev emphasized.

Such position promoted a split of the political elite at the regional and the area levels. Groups of the members of one party, first of all that concerned “United Russia”, worked for their own candidates.

"I am well informed about the situation in Maykopsky and Ghiaginsky areas, - Caucasus Times correspondent’s interlocutor stated. – As far as I can judge, there is similar in area Takhtamukaysky area, too, where the struggle was not less rigid".

In Maykopsky area Evgenie Kovalev (Natpress: in the last summer he had headed the republican cabinet) won with a bit greater number of voices, Karatayev said as an example.

He is a member of "United Russia” and in his very first leaflet he stated that. But as his competitor was another member of the same party – the operating first assistant to the head of the area administration Alexey Krytsyn supported by “United Russia”, too, besides the area elite, including militia (Caucasus Times: the head of the area administration acting during that time Nikolay Janushkevich did not propose his candidature for the repeated term).

Only that episode with results of the elections, in Karatayev's opinion, evidently shows how much deep at present the split of the political elite is.

Meanwhile the management of the republic considers that the elections in Adygeya passed at the high democratic level. That was recently declared by the press-service of the Adygeya president. The other services participated in those elections reported in the same way, too, Caucasus Times correspondent informed.

The fact that those elections on March 11th passed in Adygeya without any incidents, in many respects is a merit of militia – that was remarked, for example, by the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic. According to the deputy head of the Ministry press-service Bajzet Gomleshko, only during that company they involved over 1,5 thousand employees of the Ministry.

During the pre-election time and on the voting day all the activities were carried out according to the complex of the measures developed earlier and directed on prevention infringements of the public order. The public reception was created; the staff of the ministry was instructed in relation to the changes in the legislation on elections.

On the elections day many polling districts were visited by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygeya Vasily Smirnov. He had an opportunity not only to inspect employees of militia on the places, Gomleshko told, but also to communicate to members of the elective commissions.

In Takhtamukaysky area (where one of the applicants for the post of the head of the area administration was the chief of Takhtamukaysky area department of inner affairs Rizo Pshidatok) protection of the public order on the polling districts was carried out by employees of the next area’s militia department. That was undertaken, as Gomleshko explained, in order to exclude any idle talks.

Natpress: the role of the second powerful party seems to be incurred by "Fair Russia”, which at the federal level is headed by the speaker of the upper chamber of the parliament of Russian Federation Sergey Mironov. In Adygeya the regional branch of that party had been created, but in the elections on March 11th that branch was not registered. Separate members of that party participated as candidates through self-promotion.

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