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The employees and pupils of the Maykop special professional school (SPS) (which pupil – Dmitry Gruzdev – was lost on March 6th at disassembling of an abandoned building) consider that the Office of Public Prosecutor concerns in unfair way to their director against which criminal proceeding was instituted. They stated that in a letter published by the official site of the Adygeya capital administration, “Caucasian unit" correspondent reported.

The letter was received, as it was spoken in the message, on March 16th when “ in Nizhni Novgorod, on Dima’s native land, his funeral” was taking place.

“All of us are very anxious and grieve in occasion of death on March, 6th of our comrade Dima Gruzdev, - it was stated in the pupils’ letter. - During two years he had been our friend and brother; and always with us … there was our second mum – the director of our school Sheudzhen Asiet Abubachirovna. The next morning after the tragedy all of us waited for her arrival, wished to feel her support and to cry together, but it turned out that she was taken away from us”.

On March 7th, according to the letter’s authors, they saw a reporting about the notorious events, and all of them were hurt. Then very heavy days came: children who worked together with Dima, were taken to interrogations not once. “ How many ways for our short life we had been named: hooligans, thieves, gangsters, and now in addition to that we appeared to be slaves as the public prosecutor told, - the pupils complained. - Only having got to the Maykop special professional school, we have felt like average people, instead of slaves”.

“It is very difficult to us in our school to go through the tragical death of our friend Dima Gruzdev, - the teenagers said, - and you add oil to fire, making us hurt more and more”.

“It is very difficult to us in our school to go through the tragical death of our friend Dima Gruzdev, - the teenagers said, - and you add oil to fire, making us hurt more and more”.

“Our special school is one of the best in Russia, - the pupils approved, - and we feel constant care of our director, our second mum”.

According to the pupils, in the last year the school became a participant of the project of the EU “Children and youth of risk groups”. Working in that project, some children got acquainted with the republican TV; in the school “Spetsgazeta” is printed; they have programs of "C-2" radiostudio broadcasted. Besides the teenagers draw oil pictures – in the school there is even a picture gallery; the pupils also sew little covers, do hand-made articles and toys, make dramatized performances, participate in the town competitions on volleyball, go for a rollers’ drive.

As it was stated in the final part of the publication of the web-site, “in relation to this emergency that entailed death of a teenager, the court will make a verdict. And for each reader it is left the right to make his comments. What has happened: an accident, a ridiculous oversight or it is only one of links of a chain of the illegal actions hidden from the public sight?”

Let's remind, on March 6th during disassembling of an old building in the territory of the former Furniture combine "Friendship" in Maykop one pupil of the special professional school was lost. The group of pupils had been directed for those works under instruction of the director of that school. They promised to pay the teenagers 50 copecks for each cleared brick.

At the moment of their works a crashing of the walls and ceiling floors happened. One of the teenagers thus traumatized his legs. Dmitry Gruzdev appeared in the center of the wall’s crashing and died.

According to the Maykop public prosecutor of Andrey Fatin who acted then on TV, using "a slave labour of minors which should not be engaged in such work" took place. As it notified, in that school they should be educated brought up.

The director of the special school Asiet Sheudzhen was detained on suspicion of excess of the official powers. Against her the preventive punishment –subscription about staying in the town - is applied. According to the law she is threatened up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Let's also remind, in that special school teenagers who had earlier committed grave crimes are brought up.

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