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Circassian congress of Israel called the Adygeyan public all over the world to concern more pretentiously to the situation on the historical native land. About that it was spoken on March 17 at the session of the executive committee Circassian congress of Israel, the secretary of the organization Adnan Orkiz informed Caucasus Times correspondent. To the sitting, as he told, they invited the co-chairman of the republican public organization "Khabza" Ali Bgane.

According to the secretary of Circassian congress, at the session they accepted the report about activity for the last year, as well as the basic directions for the current year.

As Adnan Orkiz notified, he, being the chairman of political-legal committee, also presented the report of that committee.

In 2006, he told, when the question of Adygeya’s status caused special anxiety, the organization organized 26 actions, among which there were addressing to the different international instances. That number of such measures also included steps the organization undertook for recognition by the world community the genocide against Adygeyan people during and after the Russian-Caucasian war.

The question of recognition of the genocide as well as the problem of Adygeya’s status, despite of some present calmness of the Adygeyan community, is not removed from the agenda of the Adygeyan public organizations. Such calmness is especially dangerous, the secretary of the organization considers, when in Russia processes of the regions’ integration proceed.

The head of the information committee Harun Tkhauho pointed to that today the situation in the Adygeyan republics, n Caucasus and in Russia are got known by the members of the organization operatively and in full way. The information channels are also adjusted, with their help the news are got known by the Circassian Diaspora of Israel. That, in particular, is promoted by Internet-journal, the organization had founded.

However, in the opinion of the leader of the committee, that is not enough, as there is some expediency in creation of a newspaper. That measure, among other things, would strengthen the organization.

The chairman of the committee on repatriation Harun Hashbuk told that actually in the process of repatriation some recourse is could be seen. It could be explained, in his opinion, with that the laws in Russia became even more invincible.

But the most regretting thing, as the head of the committee emphasized, is that for simplification of repatriation, for organization of the legal, economic, any other support practically nothing is undertaken at the republican levels. And that takes place when any obstacles to the lawful right can not exist.

Proceeding from this, the head of the committee told, the fault for the crisis during Adygs’ repatriation should be assigned not only to the federal centre of Russia, but, first of all, to the leaders of the regions.

The chairman of the committee on economy Nat Tkhauho paid attention that the analysis of 2006. In particular, Adygeya was visited by 3 Adygeyan businessmen from Israel with their investment offers, he told. And each of them returned without any result.

In that connection, he said, there is a question, why the leaders of the republics keeps aside from Adygs’ investments, and are not engaged in them in proper way?

In view of that the Adygeya president Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov had recently begun execution of his official duties, in Nat Tkhauho’s opinion, they should prepare some concrete investment project appropriate to the present economic policies in the republic, and to offer for consideration to the new government. And to state among the functions of the organization control above the project’s implementation.

The co-chairman of the organization "Khabza" Ali Bgane in his speech conditionally divided the questions, mentioned at the session, to external and internal ones. Recognition of the genocide, preservation and strengthening of Adygeya’s status as a republic, protection of Adygs’ national rights, he said, it could be named as external questions. The work on those problems is conducted and should conduct henceforth.

But there is a very important "internal" aspect, which is away from the public attention. It is the work with the national officials of the republic, as well as with the management of the public organizations of the countries of Adygs’ residing. All those people just seem to care of the own people’s boon, but are still far from really doing something.

They shouldn’t spare those, who, covering with the national interests, are engaged in quite different problems, Ali Bgane supposes. They should be punished, for example, through information resources: that is in forces practically of any public organization.

As the secretary of Circassian Congress notified, at the session they also discussed other questions. In the resolution of the session they stated that the organization will ratify the working plan for the nearest two weeks. It will include a newspaper’s creation, convocation of the congress of the organization (May, 2007), preparation and commemoration of the Memory Day of grief on May 21 and other measures.

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