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Information that the town court of Adygeya capital decided to make a time discharge from the post of the director of Maykop special professional school Asiet Sheudzhen, does not prove to be true. It had been widespread by mass-media of Adygeya in the end of the last week referring to the Office of Public Prosecutor of town.

Let's remind, on March 6th in the territory of the former furniture combine "Friendship" Dmitry Gruzdev, pupil of that school died. In a group of 10 teenagers under the director’s instruction they disassembled a half-destroyed building in the territory of the combine. The tragedy occured as a result of crashing of walls and ceiling of the building.

Criminal case against the director was instituted at once, as it was spoken in the message of the mass-media. But during that time the director continued working. And recently the Office of Public Prosecutor received a collective letter from the pupils of the special professional school in which they protected their director.

The town public prosecutor estimated it as an attempt of influence in justice and the public opinion as a whole. As he said, it made him strongly doubt that the minors were capable to write that reference so competently and qualified.

As the head of the press-service of the town court Denis Aulov informed “Caucasian unit” correspondent, in the documents they had got there was no decision about time discharge from the post of the director of the special professional school. Anonymous employee of the special professional school also notified that the director executes her duties.

Let's remind, the case had caused a wide public resonance in the republic - not without participation of the town Office of Public Prosecutor. The letter of the pupils was a reply to estimations of the head of that state department Andrey Fatin. As he said, acting on the republican TV after the tragedy, in the territory of the former combine "Friendship" the management of the special professional school used "a slave labour of the minors in which they should not be engaged".

Instead of that the pupils, as he remarked, should be brought up in that school.

In the letter of the pupils of the special professional school it was spoken: “How many ways for our short life we were named: hooligans, thieves, and gangsters, and now we are named slaves as the public prosecutor said. Only having got into the Maykop town special professional school, we have felt mankind, instead of slaves”.

“In the school it is very difficult to us to go through the tragic death of our friend Dima Gruzdev, - the teenagers perplexed, - and you add oil to fire, making us hurt even more”.

“When we went hungry around building territories and cellars, - it was stated further under the text, - we considered that that was the way we should live. It didn’t occurred to us that we could earn money instead of stealing it … And on the TV the public prosecutor doubts, whether we were given that money”.

“Our school is one of the best in Russia, - the pupils approved, - and we feel constant care from our director, our second mum”.

According to the pupils, in the past year the school became a participant of the EU project “Children and youth of risking groups”. Working in that project, some children got acquainted with the work of the republican TV, in school they print “Spetsgazeta”, and they have programs of "C-2" radiostudio broadcasted.

Let's remind also, Dmitry Gruzdev is buried on March 16th in Nizhni Novgorod, where he was from. In that special professional school (of the closed type) teenagers earlier committed grave crimes are brought up. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Adygeya capital accuses the director of excess of the official powers which entailed heavy consequences.

Concerning it the preventive punishment – a subscription about staying in the town was applied. She, according to the Office of Public Prosecutor, could be threatened with punishment – till 10 years of imprisonment.

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