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Beside the public measures taken place in Caucasus and in the Circassian Diaspora on the day of the tragedy of Adygeyan people (May 21), in the city of Washington (the USA), the organization "Jamestown Foundation" and the Circassian cultural fund organized the first in the history of the American Diaspora of Adygs conference "Circassians: the Past, the Present and the Future".

At the conference there were representatives of many Circassian Diasporas of the world, republics of Northern Caucasus, scientists, researchers, professors and politicians.

Opening the conference, the president of "Jamestown Foundation" – Glen Howard, shortly presented the visitors Circassian nation and described the goal of the conference. Its basic idea was discussion of the events connected to the history of Circassian nation, alongside with the present problems Circassians face in the regions of their compact residing.

The first speaker of the conference was Doctor Paul Hense – ex-chairman of RAND Corporation (Washington) who is engaged in questions of the US international policies. Describing the severe historical events of the Russian-Caucasian war, Mr. Hense made the accent that Circassians had their statehood and absolutely precisely realized their national belonging to the one Adygeyan ethnos. His written report (named "Circassians’ Opposing to Russian Empire in XVIII-XIX Centuries") in the opinion of many presented, described the events in the most historically correct way.

Doctor Kemal Karpat - director of the Turkish research Centre of the Wisconsin university, acted with a report “Circassians’ Moving into Ottoman Empire after Their Exile". As a result of his researches he collected an extreme quantity of archival documents telling about the major role of Circassians in the history of development of Turkish republic and the interethnic relations inside the state. As he said, many of Turkish sultans, to some extent, had Circassians roots of origin or some genetic relationship.

The problem of Adygeya’s integration with Krasnodar territory was sounded by Doctor Mathew Light - professor of politology from of the Massachusetts University who not once had been to Northern Caucasus, researching the problems of Circassians as a small indigenous people of the Black Sea coast and Krasnodar territory, alongside with Adygeyan Republic. Telling about the reasons submitted by the politicians of Krasnodar territory in support of the idea of inclusion Адыгеи in the structure of Krasnodar territory, Mr. Light specified significant miscalculations in the economic and national-political aspects of such association. In his opinion, the personal interests of several high-ranked officials became the reason of the social problems among the ethnic groups and could result in radical consequences. Due to the intervention of Circassian public of the three republics and public pressure from the party of Circassian Diaspora the question of Adygeya’s integration with Krasnodar territory was closed. In end of his speech Doctor Light explained that the internal policy of Russia in relation to strengthening of the regions attaching them to each other could work very effectively if Adygeya, Karachaevo-Circassia and Kabardino-Balkaria were integrated into one region; that would make it economically attractive to investments and more stable in relation to the political situation, having settled the today’s national-ethnic disagreements.

One of the most influential speakers of the conference was the professor of the Global Policies Institute - Paul Goble, who carried out a short research of Circassians’ history process for the last 450 years and underlined the basic and the most important moments on which it was necessary to concentrate public attention. In his opinion, Circassian nation has a great future and a lot of nationally aimed work. "In each country, where is Circassian Diaspora, we see its successful progress into the elite circles of that state. That confirms that Circassians did not just move into new territories, but participated in the political and the internal life of the country in the most active way. Proceeding from this we can look into the future with confidence, when Circassian nation will revive and occupy a worthy place under the sun", Goble was assured.

At the conference as the representatives of Circassian nation also acted: Circassian Congress of Adygeya and KCR, Hachi Bayram - representative of Adygeyan Diaspora from Turkey, Zijad Hadjo - representative of Adygeyan Diaspora from America, Iyad Yogar - chairman of the Circassian Cultural Institute and others.

Having analyzed the measure, the WCB president Zamir Shuhov explained the following: "This conference is an important step to development of Circassian integrity and the national policy. Today we have an opportunity, at one table to discuss the problems of Circassians with high-ranked officials of America and other highly developed countries. The fact that in America there are so many of the public figures knowing well the problems of our nation, speaks only that activities of Circassian public and organizations bring positive results. Today an event happening in one of places of Circassian world instantly reaches through the channels all other parts of the planet. The separated Circassian nation has found opportunities to restore contacts among each its representative, and it gives all of us a guarantee of cardinal change of the present situation. So, we hope that the joint work of Circassian organizations aimed on improvement of life conditions of Adygeyan community, will give positive fruits".

© Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood


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