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On May, 23rd the vice-president of the International Circassian Association, the vice-president of the Council of the Adygeyan national organization "Adyghe Khase” of Adygeya Republic Nalbiy Guchetl received an official warning of the public prosecutor of Maykop Andrey Fatin, they informed IА REGNUM in the town Office of Public Prosecutor.

In the document it was spoken: "Institutions of the local government of municipal formation “The town of Maykop” plan carrying out of celebration of the 150th anniversary of Maykop’s foundation. Carrying out of the celebratory actions was considered at the session of the public council of Maykop town on April, 24th, 2007. During that session it was decided to commemorate the holiday as the 150th anniversary since the date of Maykop town foundation. Representatives of the social movement "Adyghe Khase" and Adygeya republican social movement "Circassian Congress" stating their disagreement with the formulation and the date of carrying out of the celebrating actions, left the hall of the session of the public council of Maykop town.

In the mass media public organizations distributed various historical judgements proving the point of view express the position that carrying out of "day of Maykop town" destabilizes the political situation.

According to the data received from the law enforcement bodies, the social movement "Adyghe Khase of Adygeya Republic" in case of celebrating of "town’s day" could organize mass disorders in the town with involving of significant number of rural youth. Thus, there are available sufficient information to believe about preparing illegal actions - mass disorders aimed to hidrance of the lawful activities of bodies of the government and the local self-management".

In that connection, the town public prosecutor warned the head of the public organization about inadmissibility of the specified law infringements, having explained that the actions directed on organization of mass disorders, connected with public violence, pogroms, arsons, destruction of property, using of fire-arms, explosives, as well as organization of armed resistance to representatives of the state authorities can be qualified according to the clause 212 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation. Besides the Office of Public Prosecutor demanded to consider urgently the present official warning and to take urgent measures for prevention of the specified law infringements.

Making comments in relation to the position of the public organization, the vice-president of “International Circassian Association" Nalbiy Guchetl in his conversation with IА REGNUM correspondent declared : "We never called for disorders, we had only declared that the 150th anniversary of Maykop town cannot be organized for one simple reason that on the place of the present city, and in its suburbs, it was destroyed 18 Adygeyan auls and the majority of them were liquidated together with inhabitants. The questions, concerning the cultural and spiritual development of the people, are regulated by the United Nations charter and the Constitution of Russian Federation", - Guchetl stated.

Quite the opposite point of view at preparation of celebrating of the 150th anniversary of Maykop town was stated by the leader of "Union of Slavs of Adygeya" Nina Konovalova. "In 1857 on May, 25th a fortress - around of which our town has grown - founded. Today some tries take away from us the right to celebrate our town’s anniversary. A birthday of a town, as well as man’s birthday, is impossible to break off or take away. We celebrate this date, despite of the position of authorities; that is a tribute to the memory of all of those who created the town of Maykop. On the place of present town there were no settlements at all; Adygs settled closer to the mountains, on Maykop’s place the first stone was put in 1857. So literally within several years, the fortress developed into a village, and then a town. It is impossible to take away from people its holiday",- Konovalova declared IА REGNUM.


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