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On October, 13th at 12.35 a.m. the first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Tchekalin arrived to the president country residence. At 1.00 p.m. with “Novo-Ogarevo” the plenipotentiary of Russian president in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak connected by phone and informed about his arrival to Nalchik. In the waiting room of Putin’s study the assistant of head of president administration Igor Sechin watched news on one of the Russian channels that was informing about events in Nalchik.

At the same place the first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs waited Putin's audience also. " At 9.25... " - Tchekalin began his report to the head of the state about the operative conditions in Nalchik. "Begin with the day before yesterday", - the president interrupted him. "The day before yesterday bodies of the Department of Internal Affairs found out a huge hiding place with packaging of 0,5 ton of explosives", - answered Tchekalin. In the opinion of the first assistant of the minister, it meant that insurgents had been preparing a terrorist act.

The further picture, according to Tchekalin's version, looked as follows. Employees of the law-enforcement bodies had aimed to liquidate prospective bands’ participants. The strengthened operatively-search actions have been led since the night 12th for October, 13th. As a result in the area of White Small river (suburb of Nalchik) a group of 10 individuals was discovered. The group had organized armed resistance, as a result of which three insurgents were killed, the others were blocked. Yesterday with the dawn the operation continued. "With absolute probability the gangsters’ attack at objects of power structures of Nalchik was in tight relationship of cause and effect with blocking the armed group in the area of White Small river ", - emphasized Tchekalin. In his opinion, gangsters who attacked yesterday Nalchik tried to distract attention of power structures and to enable the rest seven insurgents among whom there was one of main organizers of the bands, to leave free.

" The group is blocked? " - asked a specifying question Putin. "I report that the whole staff of this group is liquidated as had organized an armed attack", - Tchekalin who was noticeably nervous reported. "... Resistance ", - the president corrected the first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Certainly, Tchekalin noted special measures been undertaken for civilians’ safety. For example, schoolchildren right after reception of signals were dismissed, and objects of social sphere were taken under armed guard. Besides "forces of law and order everywhere where people could be, used correspondent restrictions". Which measures, Tchekalin did not explain. " What way is interaction with other power structures carried out?" - Putin was interested. Tchekalin informed that created according to the president decree in each region of SFD group of operative management operated quickly and trouble-free. The head of the group at once had taken powers for operation management. Thus Tchekalin especially emphasized that during that time he was on his workplace.

" Is firing still there? " – asked the president. Tchekalin told that fight was taking place at the department # 3 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs but the operation end is a matter of the nearest hour. "How many insurgents liquidated? " - Putin asked. "Near 50", - answered the general. "What losses among the staff?" - the president asked his last question. " 10-12 person, - answered Tchekalin and decided to specify: they are irrevocable losses".

After the meeting’s end with head of the state Tchekalin went out to press. The first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs was avaricious on details of the events in Nalchik and answered questions reluctantly. For example, without an answer he left the question, what ways insurgents came to Nalchik. Tchekalin emphasized once again that insurgents prepared for "an impressive act of terrorism" as mine-explosives were found in a hiding place “saltpeter, hexogen, mines”. He especially brought to our focus that in the structure of the group liquidated in the area of White Small river, there was one of "the chief heads of the armed formations". Journalists had taken their interest at Tchekalin, whether there was any confidence that that insurgent was killed. Tchekalin answered literally the following: "Proceeding from that all group is liquidated, with the method of extrapolation we assumed that he was killed". The first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs also added that by means of dactyloscopic examination attempts to establish the person of insurgents are undertaken now. So whether the insurgent was killed or not there wasn’t any certain information.

Tchekalin told about Putin's order. "The president instructed that none insurgent must not have left the city boundaries, and everyone who resists with weapon in hands, would be subjected physical liquidation. This command of the president will be executed", - the military chief declared. However, as it was found out, in power structures for that moment it was not quite clear all the same, how many insurgents attacked Nalchik. Tchekalin told that the insurgents operated with groups on five men and each of the eight objects they attacked by one-two such groups. As a result of arithmetic calculation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs assumed that the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria was attacked by for about 80 insurgents. "Liquidation of the rest 30 ones is a matter of the next day", - was vigorously noted by Tchekalin.

It is quite obvious that at the moment of his reporting to the head of the state the first assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs did not have the exact information on civil victims of the attack at the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria or did not wish to disclose that information. Answering a question of “The Independent Newspaper” correspondent, Tchekalin said that for that moment did not have information on victims and if there were such information he would surely have it. However at the same time the plenipotentiary of the president in the SFD Dmitry Kozak had already informed about some victims among peace population.

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