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The trip of the Adygeya governmental delegation in Turkey, Syria and Jordan as a whole was successful. Such opinion was sounded by the member of the delegation, minister of economic development and trade Aslan Matyzhev in his interview to “Caucasian unit” correspondent.

The purpose of the trip was invitation of representatives of the business elite of Adygeyan Diaspora to the forum, promotion of the primary investment offers, which today are available for Adygeya Government. In result in all three countries, the minister told, the representatives of Diaspora emphasized that that first concrete reference of Adygeya Government with the economic offers addressed to them.

The trip in Turkey, according to the minister, began with the meeting with the businessmen, representatives of the organization - Turkish-Russian business council, which from the Turkish party is headed by Turgut Gur, and from the Russian party – Eugenie Primakov. In the meeting about 100 men - not only Adygs but also representatives of other nationalities – took part.

In the meeting, as the minister said, besides the members of the delegation from Adygeya, the first president of republic Aslan Djarimov also took part (during that time he with his wife was on rest in Antalia). In his performance he supported the participants of the meeting.

The delegation from Adygeya demonstrated a specially shot video-clip, investment projects (in the form of the slide-show), which presentation was appropriately commented as questions were answered. After that the interested conversation on separate projects took place, and on the part of the owners assurances were sounded that they would take part in the planned economic forum.

The highest leveled meeting was with the chairman of the parliament of Turkey Ismail Alyptekin, the minister told.

In the capital of Syria Damascus the first meeting was organized with representatives of Adygeyan Diaspora, then with representatives of business circles of that Diaspora. "Many of them, - A. Matyzhev notified, - had been to Adygeya and know about our problems. First of all about the problems of creation of enterprises, their registration, about bureaucratic delays. We explained that now we try to change the situation, that for these purposes the Agency of regional development called to accompany implementation of the investment projects from the beginning up to complete end of each of them had been created".

For the second day of stay in Syria, the delegation was invited to the Trade chamber of the Syrian Arabian republic. There they achieved arrangement that already the current week representatives of the chamber would arrive to Adygeya with the purpose of foodstuff purchase.

In Syria, according to the minister, the delegation also met the chairman of the parliament Mahmud Al-Arbash, whose spouse is a compatriot. He spoke with a great respect about Adygs, in particular, he said that they are a tolerant people, cooperate with authorities, get on well with other layers of the population and enjoy respect in Syria.

"In Jordan, - A. Matyzhev said further, - we were transported by cars of the parliament of Syria".

In the kingdom their first meeting also passed at the central office of organization "Adyghe Khase". There they emphasized, too, that that was the first meeting, at which concrete economic offers were sounded, saying that economy pulls together more, than something else and so on.

In Jordan the representatives of Adygeya got acquainted with the heads of the lower and the upper chambers of the parliament. At the meetings the owners underlined the special role of Adygeyan people in development of the kingdom’s statehood, and in foundation of the capital of the kingdom - Amman.

In Amman the delegation signed the protocol of intentions with consulting firm engaged in promotion of investments. According to the arrangement representatives of the firm within one month should arrive to Maykop to sign an agreement, the minister told.

The delegation also visited TV of Jordan. It is headed by Adyg, the minister said, and its workers basically are Adygs, too. All that, as the minister explained, was organized in accordance to the king’s will, as Adygs work with great results.

They offered cooperation to republican government by way of development of Adygeya TV, for example, creation of a satellite channel.

Let's remind, the visit passed within the framework of preparation of the economic forum for Adygs of Diaspora "Adygeya - Territory of Cooperation", planned in Maykop in October this year. The trip hardly took more than a week - since June 14 till June 21.


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