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Adygas are actually deleted from the history of Russia. That conclusion could be made after seeing the advertising video-clip shown on the information channel "Vesti" in connection with voting of the IOC in Guatemala. That opinion was stated in the interview to “Caucasian unit” correspondent by Arambiy Hapay, three-multiple world champion on sambo-wrestling, president of Adygeya sambo federation.

"In that video-clip, - he said, - they told about some Kolhids, about Greeks, about Ottoman ruling, from which these territories were ostensibly set free. No about Adygs, whose historical land this territory actually is, they did say a word".

"Till today's night, - he explained, - while Russian Federation has not won the right for organization of the Olympiad in Sochi, I had concerned to this measure doubly. On the one hand, on May 21, 1864 the Russian armies made on the Red Glade a feast - after extermination of Adygeyan (Circassian) people. Therefore this place for us is tragical. On the other hand, I thought that if we organizing the Olympiad, say, had take cultural participation, it could become an act of the final reconciliation between the two peoples. But the demonstration of that video-clip proved that Adygs were simply deleted from the history. It turns out that the genocide proceeds – it had bee physical, now it is historical and cultural one. So I am against realization of the Olympiad in Sochi".

In that sense, in A. Hapay’s opinion, it looks ridiculous that the leadership of Adygeyan republics intend to celebrate 450-th anniversary of voluntary association with the Russian state. "How could the nonexistent people enter the structure of the country? - he asked. - Though Adygs, really, for centuries protected Russia. And where are all those things that our direct grandfathers, fathers, and we have made? And now, it turns out that in 2014 - right 150 years later - Russians would organize on Red Glade a world feast. And those who in spite of anything continue to consider themselves Adygs, would stay in mourning in the same time".

According to A. Hapay, he is strongly disappointed by the leadership of the country. "Maybe, - the three-multiple champion said, - journalists of the channel, "rolling" that video-clip, do not know the historical information. But I in 100 percents am sure that Victor Kolodiazhniy (mayor of Sochi), and Alexander Tkachev (governor of Krasnodar Territory), and the leader of our state Vladimir Putin know that Western Caucasus, including Sochi area is Adygs’ land".

"I have a newspaper with the statement of the chairman of the Legislative assembly of Krasnodar Territory Vladimir Beketov, - the interlocutor of “Caucasian unit” correspondent explained. - There he said that Cossacks came on not-cultivated lands - Kuban - and cultivated them. And he, V. Kolodiazhniy, was born and grew up in Adygeya aul Kanokovo (Uspensky area of Krasnodar Territory), in general he is loyal in relation to Adygs, knows their history… That’s what we have today!"

“This night, - A. Hapay also notified, - I received many phone calls, including calls of the foreign Adygs. People are indignant and do not understand how that information could be deleted from the history – information about those who lived in this territory though millennia? Where is the lawful state, where are the civilized norms? - they asked me".

Concerning the requirements of the ecologists, the deserved trainer of Russian Federation and the USSR stated that as a whole they are fair. Red Glade is the place of the Olympiad with the territory 40 times smaller than, for example, Lago-Naki plateau. And if the Olympic objects are concentrated on such small area, at all diligence there won’t be any effective ecologic measures.


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