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Yesterday in Adygeya they commemorated Repatriate’s Day – a memorable date established in honour of returning to the historical native land Adygs from Kosovo.

"For Adygeya August 1 is a especial day - 9 years ago our republic met compatriots - Adygs, escaped from the fire of the armed conflict in Independent territory of Kosovo at the historical native land, which accepted them," – it was declared by the head of republic Aslan Tkhakushinov. RIA NOVOSTI informed that.

The conflict between Pristine and Belgrad had begun at the end of 80s - beginning 90s. The open conflict between the Serbian police and the Liberating army of Kosovo took place in 1998. In 1999 NATO started bombardment of Serbia. Since 1999 Kosovo is under the UN management, formally remaining in the structure of Serbia.

In the framework of celebration of Repatriate’s Day in Maykop a number of public actions passed. In particular, near the building of the National museum a dramatized meeting and laying wreaths on the memorable stone for victims of the Caucasian war passed. To it, besides representatives of the republican bodies of the state authority and the public, representatives of the foreign Adygeyan Diaspora and repatriates were invited.

In Adygeya capital a concert of many famous singers and dancing collectives of the republic was held.

As "Caucasian unit" had informed, no permission for temporary residing into Russian Federation given within this year by the department of the Federal migration service across Adygeya, were not got by representatives of the Adygeyan Diaspora. In total there were given 50 of such permissions, and this figure can not be exceeded, as such quantity is determined by the official quota, fixed by the order of the Government of Russian Federation for one year. That question as well as the problem of Adygs’ repatriation to their historical native land was discussed at a round table, organized in Maykop on the eve of Repatriate’s Day.

"Such situation for this year has been developed because of allocation quota first of all for representatives of the former CIS countries, - the chief of the department Federal migration service across Adygeya Alexander Ivashin notified. - Allocation of the quota is adjusted by the Federal centre. For the last three years for getting quota to our service only 48 repatriates – Adygs - had addressed. In September the republican interdepartmental commission should hold a sitting where they could rise for the government of Russian Federation questions about increase of quota for ethnic Adygs, wishing to return to their historical native land".

Representatives of the Repatriates adaptation centre offered to organize a public council at the department of the Federal migration service across Adygeya for annual forming of the lists of representatives of the foreign Adygeyan Diaspora, needing visa for temporary residing, “Caucasian unit" correspondent reported.

They also discussed at that meeting that the problem of giving aul Mafehabl (founded for Adygs returned from Kosovo) official status of settlement, had remained unsolved so far. Now the question is studied in Moscow, as representatives of the Committee of Adygeya Republic on nationalities, communications with compatriots living abroad and mass media said. An old problem of the aul is not completed construction of two houses. Within 9 years 3 families of the refugees from Kosovo continue to live in the building of the Repatriates adaptation centre.

In that connection an offer to the address to the Adygeyan community living in Adygeya and abroad, to transfer means for ending construction of the houses in Mafehabl, was sounded.

At the round table they also made some offers concerning necessity of using opportunities of the satellite TV for communication with the compatriots living abroad, creation of the training and educational TV-broadcasting, introduction of budget process of children’s training for the repatriates having residence permit and creation of an Internet web-site in Adygeyan language and so on.

Let's remind, Repatriates’ Day is commemorated in Adygeya since August 1, 1998, when the first refugees from the Yugoslavian territory of Kosovo arrived to the republic. Then in total 23 families returned, for which construction of aul Mafehabl was started.


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