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Ecologists of the South of Russia continue to work to change decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) concerning the place of the Winter Olympiad 2014 and hope for success. And the main thing their hopes were inspired by is existence of a lot of supporters of changing the place of the future Olympic Games.

In the opinion of the member of the council of the Ecological watch across Northern Caucasus Valeriy Brinih, the success would become possible, if the public managed "to convince corresponding official structures that “the Sochi national park, and especially the World Natural Heritage could be irreplaceably damaged".

"We might admit, - he said, - that we had not bee convincing enough with our arguments so far or had failed to give enough proofs connected to the real threats to the unique natural zone. That’s why the voting was for the benefit of Sochi. And now, during construction, these threats become more obvious".

According to the ecologist, there had already been precedents of changing of the elected place of realization of the Olympic Games. As an example he resulted the American city of Denver, where, as far as he remembered, against realization of the Olympiad the city dwellers acted.

"There was similar situation in Japan in Nagano, - he said, - where the concern was expressed by the city’s mayor, who explained the necessity of changing the place of the games with that for the city’s budget the competitions should have became an excessive burden". There the IOC was going to carry out the games for the third time, the ecologist reminded.

In addition, in the opinion of the member of the council of the Ecological watch across Northern Caucasus, they may recollect that the inhabitants of Canadian Vancouver have been paying off the duties stayed after the Olympiad so far.

Those and not only those reasons are urgent for Sochi, Valeriy Brinih considered. If to speak about the budget, all the incomes, including from tourism, that should spent for improvement of life conditions of the townspeople, the local authorities as “their” financial share would allocate for preparation of the town for the Olympiad.

Neither in the federal target program, nor in the promises of the officials it was not mentioned, how the housing question would be solved for the indigenous people who live in barracks, hostels and shacks that often even not registered. And the authorities do not give them opportunities to be registered, enclosing instead their houses with high fences. Therefore inhabitants, especially unprotected layers of the local population, are afraid that they could remain in slums or could be moved with infringement of their rights.

But the townspeople, besides, are also revolted with that Sochi - a balneological resort - irrevocably turns into a mountain-skiing resort, intended for rich and healthy people. That is, a ‘second Kurshavelle’ is under construction, where there will be no place for the medical experts treating patients and there will be no place for their patients.

Public statements of Sochi inhabitants at the meetings in 2006 and 2007 were connected to those threats, the ecologist said. The especially mass public action took place in February this year, when Sochi was visited by the IOC Commission and gathered about 1000 participants.

As to Adygeyan national movements acting against election of Sochi the capital of the Olympiad - 2014, as noted Valeriy Brinih explained, the ecologists watch over the situation, but had not yet search for contacts to those organizations. As well as, however, those organizations had not in their turn with the ecologists.

"Shapsugs (the radical inhabitants of the Black sea coast) try to protect their lands, - he said, - Adygeyan republican organizations, in particular, "Circassian congress" declares that construction of the Olympic objects is conducted on the bones of their ancestors Adygs".

"In our activities we tried to be out of any politics, - the ecologist explained, - as our task is to save the Sochi national park, the Caucasian bio-spherical natural reserve, as a part of the World Natural Heritage. Our task is a little bit other".

And nevertheless, Valeriy Brinih supposes that the officials could have found some resolution, which would satisfy requirements of all the parties. And only that the authority had not considered others’ opinions, caused protests even of the national public organizations.

"It is natural, - the ecologist said, - This is the land of Adygs; the imperial Russia had expelled the people living in this territory. It is clear: there were lived-in places there. Just in the upper part of Mzymta river, where is planned to construct springboards, and had been already built a mountain-skiing roundabout - there was a sacred grove of Adygs. I mean there are sacral places, abandoned auls and fortress there".

"And we, - Valeriy Brinih emphasized further, - in this plan are solidary with the national movements. All the new huge constructions of Sochi and the Red Glade do not take into account the historical heritage and can destroy it".

"It seems to me, - Valeriy Brinih notified in summary, - the ecologists have supporters and in present Government of Russia. And we, protecting Sochi, must do everything to support more reasonable actions of this government".


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