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To achieve cancellation of realization of the Winter Olympiad - 2014 in Sochi will be difficult, but to carry out it is possible all the same, the chief of the Ecological watch across Northern Caucasus Andrey Rudomaha considered. For that purpose, in his opinion, it is necessary to make the authoritative international organizations recognize the ecological threats of realization of the Olympic games in Sochi so they could manage to convince of it the International Olympic Committee.

- Are there any chances that the IOC will change its decision in relation to Sochi?

- There some chances that the IOC would change its decision, they are not so great, but they really are. The games in Sochi may cause the unprecedented high ecological harm. It hasn’t been yet in the history of the Olympic movement any games, from which the nature could suffer so strongly, as it will be in Sochi, if the games are held there all the same. Yet there had been no games, at which the majority of the sport Olympic objects would be placed in specially protected natural territories. And the environment protection is one of the priorities of the Olympic movement, "the third measurement of the Olympism", along with sports and culture.

- Were there such precedents, and what are they usually connected to?

- The precedent of changing the place of realization of the Games while is only one - when in 1976 the Olympic games took place in the Austrian city Innsbruck instead of the initially elected by the IOC American city - Denver. And that case was very indicative. As the initiators of cancellation of the decision about realization of the Games in that city the public organizations had acted: they were against spending public money for realization of the Games while the city had a plenty of urgent problems. There was also the problem of ecological harm, which could be caused by the Games. That means, the reasons of moving the Olympiad from Denver were actually similar to the reasons of the "green" protests against the Olympiad in Sochi.

In that connection in 1972 in Denver there was carried out referendum, at which majority of citizens appeared to be against realization of the Olympic Games in their city. I doubt that the Russian authorities will allow realization in Sochi such referendum on this question, but if the authoritative international organizations recognize the ecological threat of realization of the Olympic games in Sochi, and they manage to convince of it the International Olympic Committee, if the games are boycotted by the conducting countries, the games can be moved to another place.

- What is your attitude to the words of the leader of "Circassian congress" Murat Berzegov that it is impossible to spend the Olympiad in the place, where the genocide had been committed?

- Whether such genocide had been committed in the territory of Sochi, where the realization of the Olympic games is placed, - is an ambiguous question, and in its relation there are different opinions. I shall refrain now from approving that he took place, as it is a separate and a big theme. In any case, in relation to Adygs during the Caucasian war, when they were expelled from their native lands, a monstrous crime was committed. And if the representatives of Adygeyan people consider that realization of the Olympic games on the lands where they lived since the ancient times and with which their ancestors were expelled, is inadmissible, then the International Olympic Committee is obliged to take into account their opinion. Ignoring this opinion can cause strengthening intensity that contradicts the purposes of the Olympic movement.

The third item of the Olympic charter says: "Purpose of the Olympism is universal support of sports for harmonious human’s development to promote creation of the peaceful society caring of preservation of the human dignity. For this purpose the Olympic movement, in the single or in cooperation with other organizations, carries out activities directed on peace strengthening all over the world".

The protests of representatives of Adygeyan people against realization of the Olympiad in Sochi do not promote strengthening of peace. And the human dignity of this people, restrained as a result of the Caucasian war, nor should be ignored. In my opinion, for realization of the Olympic Games there should be necessarily chosen such places that that choice could not restrain any interests of inhabitants, could touch nobody's dignity, could not cause any harm.

- Were there any attempts from the party of "Circassian congress" or ecologists to unite their efforts?

- No, between "Circassian congress" and "greeners" there were not attempts to unite their efforts. Meanwhile in the framework of interaction of the "green" organizations and the Adygeyan opposition to realization of the Olympiad in Sochi some information cooperation between our organization and the concerned representatives of the Adygeyan Diaspora in Turkey takes place: they had been connected to us, and we provide them with our information materials about the ecological threats of realization of the Olympic games in Sochi.

- What are projects, according to your information, developed in republic in connection to the Olympiad - 2014? Realization of what, in your opinion, must be prevented?

- Meanwhile, under our information, the Olympic games do not touch the territory of Adygeya, but the authorities of your republic would like that. What, in our opinion, impossible to allow in this connection is to let the territory of the Caucasian nature reserve be touched. Now construction of several sports objects, in particular, a mountain-skiing complex "Oshten" is planned on its territory.

- What are the ecologists going to undertake in connection with construction of a port in Sochi in the mouth of Psou river?

- According to our information, construction of that port had been already begun. In this connection we plan to start an active international campaign against construction of this port.


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