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Adygs are obliged to nobody to swear their fidelity - except for themselves and their own people; and the slogan "Forever with Russia" is not correct – that was stated by the three-multiple world champion on sambo-wrestling, member of the council of republican movement "Adyghe Khase" Arambiy Hapay. And the mutual relations between the peoples, especially, inside one state should be based on honesty, mutual respect and mutual benefits.

That idea Arambiy Hapay stated in the conversation with “Caucasian unit" correspondent in connection with the preparing in the republic celebrating - 450-th anniversary of Adygeya’s (and more correctly, he corrected – Adygs’) voluntary association with Russian state. The fact, in his opinion based on a half-truth, which worse than lies.

"I can’t, - he said, - read our local newspapers, and look TV - everywhere they say, mainly, about it. And all my friends Adygs are indignant of such occurring cynicism. They are surprised: "How is it possible to commemorate the event that did not happen?" And those who are for celebration, agree to do it with a qualification: "They allocate us money as you see, therefore we have to celebrate". That is an awful logic!"

"Not underestimating importance of the act of our ancestors, who signed then a military-political agreement with Russia against their concrete enemy – the Crimean khanate, - the interlocutor emphasized, - it mustn’t be treat as a voluntary association with the Russian state. There was not such event and could not be".

"What we know about that fact, and many historians had specified it for me, - he noted, - deserves attention of our contemporaries. It was a very far-seeing decision for 50 years period. And that event might not be celebrated, and just distinguish as a historical date - with a scientific conference or other similar measure".

"As the history shows, including the history of the Slavs and Russians, Adygs never let down, they always made their promises", - Arambiy Hapay said. On the other hand, as he said, at the first serious historical meeting of the ancestors of Adygs and Russians – Mstislav and Rededia – the leader of Russians in the honour I fight won in a dishonest way. Since then it practically always repeated.

The same situation went during Ivan Grozny’s ruling, the interlocutor of “Caucasian unit" correspondent said. The agreement about military-political union had been already signed, and the Russian tsar at first wanted to marry not the Kabardian princess, and to the daughter of one Janeev prince. But that prince refused to let his daughter to marry him, because Ivan IV simultaneously behind Adygs’ back began negotiations with the Turkish sultan, an ally of Crimea.

"I do not condemn Ivan Grozny for his insidiousness, - the member of the council of "Adyghe Khase" notified. – The king negotiated because it was favourable to him. Each people in each concrete historical period survived as it could".

"Actually, - he said, - that union was favourable Russia in much greater degree. If during Ivan Grozny’s ruling before signing of that agreement Tatars of Crimea had invaded and burnt Moscow, after its signing nothing like that happened any more".

"Adygs should not swear that they will be with someone eternally, - he said, - they should assert their own interests. And with whom they should be asserted - with Russians, Georgians, Armenians, or Americans – time will tell".

The most tragic period of Adygs’ history, Arambiy Hapay is sure, was the Russian-Caucasian war. All the peoples had passed through the wars; many wars were overcome by Adygs, too, but after all those wars, Adygs - as a people – had revived. After the Russian-Caucasian war they have failed to revive.

"Even after the terrible - World war II, - he emphasized, - in which by some estimations the Soviet Union lost up to 40 million people the people continued to live and to develop. Adygs after the Russian-Caucasian war failed to be revive because, he considered the basis of their human potential was destroyed.

Now many people suppose that Russians had made very many good things for Adygs, he said. But no matter how much they would make, the main parameter has remained – the people has failed to revive and now occupies only a few percents of their former territories. No matter how much they would make, it would be no more that it is done for representatives of not indigenous peoples moved to Adygeya from foreign states.

And how is it possible to speak today "Forever with Russia", the interlocutor asked, when just yesterday the leadership of Russian Federation had undertook an attempt to deprive Adygeya with its statehood, to destroy the little that remained after the people.

The position of the officials is clear: now they are engaged in preparation of the celebrating - "we were ordered, so we do it". "Though for today personally I, - the three-multiple world champion the said, - am a too civil servant, too, but still I am not going to participate in that deceit under any pretext. I judge the occurring now as a kind of bad circus".

But the main thing in this situation is not the officials – the leader of the state signed very quickly the decree devoted to what was not. And that really was, proves to be true in a mass of the historical documents –the genocide against Adygeyan people – no one want to consider.

When you analyze all this, he said, you involuntarily come to the conclusion that the celebrating of 450-th anniversary with the formulation the Kremlin offered, is prepares for some serious purpose. If "the voluntary association" took place, then the Russian-Caucasian war with its terrific consequences was nothing else but a suppression of a riot in Russia’s own territory.


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